Card 2 - 10 Nov

Card 2 - 10 Nov


We are open to a range of different perspective, if we allow ourselves to be. There are usually all too many people willing to offer their thoughts, ideas and opinions upon us, whether we ask for this or not. Do not allow yourself to be forced to do anything that just doesn't feel right this week. You have gentle heart and this can sometimes be taken advantage of - but not on purpose by others.

It is easy to fall into the habit of putting ourselves at the bottom of the list and not even realising it. Before we know what is happening, we are helping everyone else, sacrificing our own needs and wants, to give and help others. This is the life of an sensitive empath, but, with awareness, you can stand quietly and confidently in your own authority and make the necessary decisions, speaking from love and honesty.

Notice the patterns of others and not be tempted into a one off seemingly 'nice' gesture, trust your instincts here and be willing to do some self inflection and inner work to better gain a true perspective of what is actually going. It isn't necessarily devious, but it may not be the time to take things at face value.

When you look upon things from your heart, rather than from your mind, or with your eyes - you are opening yourself to the truth. Being willing to question things. Being willing to ask your higher self for help and insight to your own perspective. It may sound different, but asking yourself for your own ideas, can bring you guidance - try speaking to yourself as a type of self guided meditation - this is particularly effective right before you fall asleep.

I also feel this card is linked to fertility, motherhood and our connection to the Divine Feminine. Nurture your own point of view, allow yourself the permission to trust what you are feeling.

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