Card 2 - 1 Dec

Card 2 - 1 Dec


What are you saving yourself for? Protecting yourself from? Fearful of? This card comes through strongly as an opportunity for becoming more aware of recurring things you have been unwilling to work on, look at, learn from and move through.

Opportunities may be surrounding you, calling you and welcoming you, however there is an inability or unwillingness to acknowledge, accept and allow... walls are up (and may have been up for a long time).

This feels deep, it isn't surface 'stuff' - be willing go to your own personal depths over the coming week, bare yourself, dare to be vulnerable. There is love for you here. It is okay to trust, accept the beautiful blessings that you are being offered... this could be just the beginning.

If you have been saving yourself for something, someone, for the right time this card gently reminds us that there is no rush, no force needed and that things are going to unfold at the perfect pace for each of us. Give yourself a break xx

If we each move at our own pace, steadily loving more, trusting more, experiencing more, seeing more - we will eventually find it second nature, easy and a part of us. This card is asking us to not be stagnant, even a little movement forward / sideways / backwards is better than keeping still. The more we expose ourselves and become a little vulnerable to what perhaps, for the moment, makes us uncomfortable, the more we are growing within ourselves.

It is okay to trust again, you have held on and persevered for this long, dear one... let go a little and see what happens... as you steadily and gently release old thought patterns, habits and ways of seeing yourself, you will let more love and light back into your life - exactly as it is supposed to be.

This is the season for inward self reflection of restoring and giving to yourself so that you may thrive in the seasons to come. It is about giving yourself time and space and knowing yourself better than you did yesterday. Winter encourages us to practice self-acceptance. Acknowledging fears thaws their hold so us so that we may move forward. Listen. Learn to hear your body and messages from others, your dreams, your Soul.

We are always here for additional guidance if you feel you are ready; this may be in the form of a personal reading, healing session or joining our paid membership online mentoring wellness program. The choice is ultimately always yours.

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