Improving Health

Card 1 - 6th Apr

Card 1 - 6th Apr

Improving Health

This card can indicate that your question or situation is being held back by the health of a particular individual. It usually means physical health, but as this is a general reading it may be more expansive than that and also relate to emotional, mental or spiritual health.

Things are looking up and there is an improvement and good news on the horizon.

Finding balance is key with this card - anything you can do to ground yourself or clear your energies is going to help you bring awareness to the core of the issue (if not already known) and bring you more certainty as to where you need to place your focus right now and this may include a detox of what you are putting on or in your body, what you are thinking, watching, reading and even to the extent of the people and company you are keeping.

Trust that your angels are with you and guiding you through this and that the outcome looks positive, especially as you are more willing to listen to their guidance and heed their suggestions. Inaction is as much as a choice as doing something.

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