Cleanse & Detoxify

Card 1 - 30th Mar

Card 1 - 30th Mar

Cleanse & Detoxify

Cleanse and Detoxify... with this card we are being guided to have a good look at our overall health and well-being to recognise whether there could be a need to clear out the old and look at new ways of living. Look at this as an opportunity for a body, mind and heart scan and 'spring clean' of sorts that will make way for pure, loving, fresh energy to flood your system.

This definitely suits the card for this week, The Tower and the recent Full Moon energy - if you haven't yet read our weekly overview from Monday - please remember to check in with it on our Facebook page in our our Facebook Group.

The card in particular talks about physical and material ways you can detox; caffeine, sugar or other food additives, eating organic or vegan, using environmentally friendly bath, face and body or cleaning products. Now is the time to explore your options or try something you have been thinking about for a while.

This all has importance and you may have found a new idea already, however I also feel this does not means you have to change everything at once or think you are doing something wrong on your current path. Try not to overthink this.

I see this message as a guidance to also consider a detox both spiritually and emotionally. Notice the possible toxic thought patterns or negative self talk you have been immersing yourself in and acknowledge one or two (or more, if you are feeling adventurous!) that you are willing to cleanse yourself from.

Write these down and then make an effort to physically release them, this could be by ceremoniously burning them, tearing them up, or simply throwing them away - whatever works for you... close your eyes and picture these words leaving you, the thought pattern released from your heart and that you are lighter because of it.

Your angels and guides are waiting in the wings, you need only ask for their help x

Excerpt from the card
"With great love and respect, we ask you to detoxify your precious and sensitive body. At your request, we'll help you to develop life-affirming ways to deal with stress, as well as ease any sorrow at shedding your old ways. Give your cares, worries, and concerns to us, and feel the beautiful grace of your newly purified body."

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