Oshun - Generosity

Card 1 - 27 Oct

Card 1 - 27 Oct

Oshun - Generosity

A card of giving graciously and doing it because you want to - hand on heart - wholly and unequivocally to those that need it most. What you want and desire most in this world, you are being asked to be willing to give it away and go without, could you consider it?

Oshun is asking you to have complete and utter trust that the divine has your back and your best and most honourable interest at heart. Being grateful and honouring what you have, NOW, where you have BEEN, and all you have experienced, dealt with and learnt.

As you give energy, attention and gratitude to all the little things that come your way over the few days and weeks - this energy will begin to expand and permeate outwards. The very experience and energy of your generousity and gratitude is going to provide you with so much more than you can imagine. Release any attachments to the details and the final outcome of the situation in question.

Oshun is the River Goddess of the Yoruba people of the regions Nigeria, Latin America, Haiti and Cuba. She represents fertility, divinity, beauty and love. This Goddess is linked to the element of water; specifically in the sweet, fresh water streams and rivers. Oshun is represented by the colours white, yellow and gold.

Remember that this is a never ending flow of giving and receiving; energy and love and paying it forward.

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