Card 1 - 20th Apr

Card 1 - 20th Apr


Understanding what is within your power and what is not. What you have been asked to do and what you feel you should do - where do you draw the line?

This card is inviting you to be open to experience more love and fulfilment from those around you, without having to control every detail or be affected in some way by how things unfold, or what someone else does or says.

Notice the outer and the inner world here, what is being said and what isn't. Understanding, nurturing and kind - give others a chance to learn, to grow, to make mistakes, without writing them off, condemning them or judging. Remember that every one of us is at a different 'now' point of our own beautiful, unique journey. This card reminds us to accept all 'levels' of awareness - some people simply no not what they do.

This doesn't mean letting people push you out of your limits, or your truth, or away from your authentic self, it is completely about living and loving your way and being open to allowing others to do things their way. Knowing when to step back and simply let 'be'.

A practical exercise to help with this could be as simple as writing a 'pros and pros' list of the situation or person in question - seek to write down ONLY the positives and if you can't find any, get creative and turn a seeming negative into something positive. If we feel triggered or attacked in any way, this is usually a big opportunity for self understanding and awareness.

Card Message:
"See yourself and others through the eyes of the angels, with unconditional love and acceptance. In this way, you inspire and lift everyone to their highest potential."

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