Card 1 - 19 Jan

Card 1 - 19 Jan


Spending time on your own, working things out for yourself and listening to your own intuition are the key messages with this card.

Going within so that you may determine what is best for you right now; what you can go without and what you need more of. An introspective look at who you are and who you want to be calls with this card. Do not be afraid; you are exactly where you need to be and are being asked to trust yourself and the situation around you. It is as it is meant to and if do feel stuck, it is because there is a bigger picture playing out which will soon reveal itself to you.

Anything you can do that is self-caring, nurturing and loving will bring you a greater sense of connection this week. Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature and feel Mother Earth comfort and protect you and your dear heart. You are deeply loved.

On this card a butterfly kisses her shoulder; reminding her of what comes after a period of darkness and recluse, we emerge as a beautiful creature, metamorphized into something completely different (if need be) to carry on our journey. A seedling grows from her thumb, reminding us of the impending growth and and beauty that comes from within and has the ability to be our strength. She is alone, yet she is fully supported and guided upwards.

Being on your own, does not mean you are lonely. Remember your connection to the Earth and to source; no one is ever, every truly alone.

The element of Water

Represented by the Tarot suit of Cups; linked to the colour blue, our emotions, Winter and the direction North. This element connects us to our heart; our connection to source; our family, love, relationships, intimacy, our home and memories. You may like to connect to the element of water this week; take a long bath, visit the ocean, drink water with intention. Bathe in it's magick and love.

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