Card 1 - 15 Dec

Card 1 - 15 Dec


This is a card of spontaneity and freedom, of being willing to do things at a moments notice without overthinking or planning too much (see our post with Monday's card for more on this week's energy!). The dragonfly asks us to be open to being adaptable and willing to change our mind, direction, habits or emotions as we may feel necessary or that our instincts may pull us toward.

The dragonfly brings with her possibilities, of seeing the beauty and magic in everyday life and marvelling at how we are connected to this, and embracing that we are such an important and integral part of it. Seeing your own special abilities and the possibilities that come with these gifts. This isn't self centred or gloating, it is important that you acknowledge the self and the dragonfly supports you completely.

This card can be connected to your deeper meaning in life and, if you are willing, can lead you on a journey of self awareness, discovery and understanding. This is an exciting time and if you are ready to embrace this journey, if you are ready to truly see, love and embrace ALL of who you are the dragonfly is right beside you, asking you not to take yourself too seriously and that life is supposed to be fun. Follow your joy, do the simple things with purpose and integrity and watch your true path unfold.

Did you know that the dragonfly can reach speeds of up to 70km per hour! And can fly in ANY direction (including backwards) This is a magical animal and encourages us to embrace our own abilities and connection to how special we are. It can come into our lives when we are lacking joy or enjoyment, asking us to be willing to lighten up a bit and laugh some more.

Bring awareness to this animal coming into your daily life in different ways over the coming days and weeks - ask for signs, be clear in what you want to receive. Than release expectation of HOW it will happen and be content with seeing WHAT happens.

You may see the physical version of your chosen card, you may see a documentary, or hear someone mention them, you may dream about them - this will be about gentle awareness, without force. It is a practice. Tuning in with your own intuition and guides is something that (like most things) the more you place energy and attention here, the better you will become and understanding and interpreting what is happening and why. Spirit animals are usually a representation of what we most need at the time, you may have one, or many and knowing what they are and when you need them is an empowering process. If you want to connect with your own spirit guides, please consider joining our online ceremony on the 21st December - you can find more details below.

Dearest Soul

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