Deep Freeze

Card 1 - 13 Oct

Card 1 - 13 Oct

Deep Freeze

We are in sync with the Earth, her cycles and seasons. Everything, really, is a cycle within a cycle and the way we individually grow, expand and travel long our unique path is no exception.

This card, in particular is linked to the cycle of Winter; of going quiet, of reflection and contemplation - think rest, storing, hibernation. The invitation is open for you here to give yourself permission to slow down, to take stock and to appreciate what you have accumulated, accomplished and gained thus far.

If you force yourself forward you may find bigger, taller and denser things blocking your way and it will be almost as though the more you push, the more fierce the rejection and retaliation of the situation or people in question.

This feels to be a very energetic time for you, but in the sense of self care, and time, and purpose, and intention into the rejuvenation and restoration of your spirit and soul. Allow thoughts and ideas to continue to mature, the time of starting things and planting seeds arrives in Spring - you need to wait for the thaw. Remember that it doesn't matter when, or where in the world you are - our bodies are souls move through these cycles just as the Earth does.

Enjoy your time of rest and solace. Dream of not needing to DO anything. There will be time for that later.

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