Loss, Lack

Card 1 - 11th May

Card 1 - 11th May

Loss, Lack

What is holding you back at the moment? What are you shying away from or afraid to face? Look deep this week as there will be an opportunity here for you to see things in a different light. For you to understand losses were a necessary part of your story and that these have in fact empowered you in this beautiful moment.

The owl symbolism encourages you to step forward with your inner wisdom, leaving fear, disappointment, regrets and victimisation behind. It serves you no longer, you have outgrown this and it is now time for you to soar. This is your time to focus on what can be achieved and to reclaim your power to create and look upon life with fresh eyes, renewed optimism and a clear direction.

There may be a feeling of loneliness or having to go it alone - I promise you dear one, that this could not be further from the truth. None of us are ever alone, we walk with guides and guardian angels and with Source. We have facets of ourselves that are connected at all times. Dive into this feeling as you need to this week and trust that it supports and protects you, trust it as it leads you forward.

As this card links to the energies for this week and our New Moon, it feels to me that there is a blockage of feeling as though you are worthy of manifesting your own destiny and wishes or even that you don't believe in your own capabilities of doing so. The energies this week lie in Taurus and in looking upon things with a child like perspective. This could mean that you are dwelling a little too much in your past and are continuing to hold onto fears from your childhood. Consider naming these, making a list or actively meditating on this to allow yourself further clarity and the opportunity to clear this. Bringing awareness to something, doesn't mean you have to relieve any pain or suffering - it just simply highlights something you are ready to let go of. Free yourself and be ready for fresh perspectives.

Card affirmation: "I let go of feelings of fear and lack. It's safe for me to stand up and make choices that empower me."

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