Card 1 - 10 Nov

Card 1 - 10 Nov


Are you feeling rushed, like there isn't enough time, like you are wasting time or don't know what to do all the time... it is an interesting concept... We can't see it and if you think about it, we can't really even measure it - we just know it passes and continues and keeps going.

The earthly concept of time is that we should be filling our days with stuff to do, places to be, tasks to tick off our list. I feel this card is asking us to be aware of more than simply what we fit into a day.

Take a moment to feel the cycles here; our birth to death cycle - we know not when this cycle ends, we only know that some day it will - so what do we fill the time that we do have with - do we enjoy your limited moments? Do we feel fulfilled and connected to every one of our seconds, minutes, hours and days?

There could be a feeling for you that you have missed your prime, that you had more to do by now or that this wasn't the life you had planned when you were younger... but that simply isn't the case. You are perfectly imperfect right now - in fact - you are perfect in every single moment, as that moment passes and the new one comes in - the ever present moment. Do not compare yourself to where you thought you would be, or where others are - release yourself from the weight of your own self judgement.

Your time is now... and now... and now. Surrender to the concept that you are an entire ocean in one drop. Free yourself from the man made constrictions and confines of time. We are greater and more encompassing than our when... be here now. Reveal in the present moment... be timeless.

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