Card 1 - 1 Dec

Card 1 - 1 Dec


This card is encouraging to give yourself (or someone who you are asking about) time and space; to live, dance, celebrate, radiate and create. Energetically supporting and 'holding space' for is a gentle practice where there is no judgement and no expectations. Things will flow and fall as they may and it will all be perfect for the situation. This doesn't need to happen instantly - life is a process, GROWTH is a process.

Feeling the joy of the situation and recognising when the energy is expanding and contracting and working with this natural flow. If there is conflicting thoughts or feelings here, there is a reason for this and it is important for you to recognise that we are different for a reason - our power is our choice and if we choose differently to another... so be it.

Light can penetrate the darkest of spaces. Without darkness, we would not know the light. There is beautiful balance within you and the light and the shade of you are just as important. Sometimes we need to go deeper than we feel we are ready for so that we may illuminate even more of our beauty, our bliss and our infinite love.

Space makes up so much of our universe, even within tiny atoms, it is said they are mostly 'empty' space. Embracing the connection we have with all others, respecting that we are from the same source - yet are all beautifully unique and special in our right. Each one of us brings an amazing gift to this world. Expressing this in your space, respecting your internal and eternal beauty and being willing to share this with all those that are lucky to be graced by your presence.

Have faith that you are worthy of these gifts, finding time to nurture and comfort your inner child during this week may allow you a greater insight to where you feel drawn to explore, create or what you are more curious about within your life right now. This is a card of inner work and of trust and could be related to you or someone close to you who is in need of some guidance.

The season of Summer is about being all we can be, of celebrating who we are and what we love to do. It is about joy and fun and creation. Summer asks us to find what makes our heart sing, what it is we love to do most and rediscover our passions with purpose. Here we are asked to boldly step out into the light to demonstrate who we are becoming and to be witnessed by those around us.

We are always here for additional guidance if you feel you are ready; this may be in the form of a personal reading, healing session or joining our paid membership online mentoring wellness program. The choice is ultimately always yours.

Dearest Soul

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