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13th July 2022

Tap into your own powers of intuition, sit with an intention or question and click on your card choice below.

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Card 1

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Card 3

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Card 2

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Join us...
Personal Tarot readings, astrology chart and forecasts
and lots more...


- exclusive member site access
- weekly astrology energy overviews
- practices for the mind, heart and spirit
- detailed weekly tarot card readings
- learn to work with the moon and natural cycles
- practical tools, meditations and energy insights
- moon ceremonies and rituals
- personal astrology chart and timeline reading
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Monthly energy and astrology overview. Bring more awareness and under

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In depth weekly tarot card reading, astrology and energy insights and outlooks. Powerful weekly affirmations.

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Practical and supportive insights and actions you can incorporate into your  life to balance your mind, heart and spirit.

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Connection to yourself, to the universe, to other like minded souls, to us, to all things that empower.

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