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The Spiritual Gateway

If You Are Ready…

to awaken the energy of your Divine inner Feminine to empower and heal yourself and the planet...


Then this is for you.

The healing, compassionate energies of the Divine Feminine power holds the key for us to wake up from our submissive dream and assert our loving presence upon the future.


Right NOW… we are inviting select participants to experience an awakening of the Woman within like no other.

Our journey on Earth began somewhere and we each chose to be here at this time for a reason.

We have a purpose.

What were you called here to do?

The Awakening Woman is a journey through hypnosis to realign you with your original Soul purpose.
This is a FREE session with Kylie available to a select few at any one time.



Registration is currently closed.

You are still welcome to register to be considered for our next intake.


This offer is for women who are ready to own their journey, embody their story and put into practice personal principles that will allow you to move beyond any external limitations by learning to connect with yourself on a quantum level.

All sessions are done online via zoom and require internet connection, headphones and a willingness to devote a few hours of time to yourself and this process.

When you know the calling of your Soul, the reason you came to Earth, you can embrace the complete power of who you are and stand confidently in your authentic Truth.

It is time!

What’s involved?...

This is a Quantum Alchemic process within which we will create connections between your life experiences… from this lifetime to your original life here on Earth, to deeply understand the ways in which you have chosen to work with the very forces of Nature and creation. Reaching into your own inner wisdom, you can uncover how you are leading yourself on this journey and prepare the way for lasting, transpersonal healing.

This opportunity takes you through a Quantum Life Regression to offer you guidance, knowledge, and direction as you seek your personal pathway out of unknowing, pain and suffering on all levels and is a FREE service to those accepted participants willing to step forward and take responsibility for their life and their healing journey.

“I have witnessed and remembered many of my alternate lifetimes and learnt first-hand the healing power that is available to us by transcending the layers of consciousness and raising our awareness about the completeness of our journey.


Now more than any other time, I feel inspired to use my collective experience in Life Regression, Quantum Hypnosis and Transpersonal Healing to assist others to do the same by showing them that they don’t have to suffer in their energetic patterns. We can choose another way… and when we do, when we understand the purpose behind the pain, something huge shifts within us and we can heal ourselves.”

Kylie Clarke

Complete the registration form above to be a part of this Divine project, and discovering more about your Soul journey.

This experience goes much deeper than a simple past life regression and is designed to reconnect you to your original Soul purpose and bring clarity to your role within your present lifetime.


The Divine energy is waiting for you to rediscover it within yourself.

The Awakening Woman.png

There is a way to access your multi-dimensional existence to reveal the hidden barriers that are preventing you from expanding and experiencing the richness of life you are longing for!

Our greatest gifts come
in the form
of our deepest pain.

How It Works?...


Bypassing the conscious and subconscious mind through intentional trance creates a direct pathway to the unconscious. Here, we find unresolved programs that lay beyond the physical and emotional levels of the subconscious. When we allow your Soul to lead, we can activate multi-layered perceptions and pinpoint the internal and external limits you are perceiving as holding you back from experiencing your best life.

In most cases, the barriers we perceive in the different areas of our life, all stem from the one unconscious pain program and so healing that program can free you from those limitations. How do we heal it? We bring it up into the light and make it conscious and from this lesson you derive a strength that can end all energetic suffering and empower you to step into your life.

The unconscious mind governs both the conscious and subconscious of our entire energetic system throughout the complete cycle of life. It is up to us to find all the pieces to complete the puzzle and create a bridge that fills in all the gaps, making us complete. No-one else is going to do that work for you. You are the one you have been waiting for!

Choosing to awaken these levels of existence and step onto this Soul path means that you will forever be changed as you will perceive yourself and the world around you from a multidimensional perspective.

Image by Elia Pellegrini

“This lifetime is just one segment of our story. To own our lives and empower its creation we have to embrace all parts of what brought us to this very moment, no matter how painful.

By recognising that we came to Earth to master the things that cause us pain, we accept responsibility for our healing and in that acceptance comes the wisdom and divinity to see this as a beautiful gift. This is awakening!.”


Image by Elia Pellegrini

Regardless of how trapped or unaware you may feel… Irrespective of how many times you have tried or not tried, no method of healing can ever be permanent without creating a firm foundation within the multilayers of your being.

Let’s work together to shift your suffering, transform your life and embrace ‘The Awakening Woman.’

You don’t have to suffer through every part of your life. In fact, you don’t have to suffer at all! 

The Awakening Woman



Registration into this process is 100% FREE however, I only work with small select groups at any one time and there are a few conditions of acceptance.


To find out if you are eligible, please complete your registration form.


Why is it FREE?...


My own intuitive voice tells me that this is what the world needs. That more women need to feel empowered and heard and that it is time for us to nurture and heal ourselves. To me, this is notfree service, rather it is an exchange of energy within which I am asking permission to share your journey and session information in publications that will inspire and empower other women to step forward into their own path of healing.


To me, this is the ultimate service to Humanity and the rising Divine Feminine.



If eligible, you will receive an email requesting that you make a booking for your

30-45 minute

‘Welcome’ zoom meeting within which we will take some time to have a casual chat and get to know one another. I will take you through a light visualisation and you can ask any questions that you may have.

By the end of this time,

if we both feel that this is the right process for you and that we are a good fit to work together, we will be able to schedule your ‘Awakening Woman’ hypnosis session.


After this introductory session, you will receive an email with our contract agreement and confirmation of your next appointment.


As you await your session, feel free to contact me with any other questions. 



When we meet on the day of your session, we begin by setting the intention to openly work together along with your Soul Self.

We will create calm within the analytical part of your brain: the reasoning, thinking, planning and worrying, side in order to soothe the left brain into a comfortable state of acceptance that allows you to access your right brain functions more effectively.


From here, we fall into the heart space of receptivity where we have direct access to any deep, hidden feelings.


These feelings uphold the barriers within your consciousness but once they recognise your state of ease and safety, we can reach Higher Mind and journey beyond consciousness to discover why you chose to come to Earth.



After your session, we will take some time to discuss and debrief what you have uncovered and integrate the information you feel prepared to hold onto.

At this point we will make an action plan based on the Soul message you receive, how you are feeling and what you are drawn to do next. You will walk away feeling more aligned, connected and clear on where you are going and what steps you need to take.


I also have a


to share with you.

Over the following days, you are free to ask any follow up questions as I process your session for publication after which time, a recording of your session will be made available to you.

 'The Awakening Woman' is aligned with our incredible 'Goddess Within' program through Embody Nadora.

“Each of us is here to express our unique expansion in Divine awareness and this level of deliberate creation calls us first to choose to evolve and step into the enlightened state of who we are. This means being honest and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and trusting the Soul’s Alchemic process of transmuting that vulnerability into strength.”

Kylie Clarke

Deep down, we all know what we want and we know what we deserve. What we may not understand is what prevents us from reaching that place… from crossing that bridge. These barriers remain hidden from the conscious mind, manipulated by the subconscious. Through ‘The Awakening Woman’ we can intentionally invite the energy of the Divine Feminine to pour forth and clear the way for the healing and awaken the beautiful gift of creation within us.

This is my offer and my service to Women everywhere, to all Humanity and to Mother Earth.


I invite you to share space with me, to invoke your sacred healing wisdom, your Divine intuition and joyous creative, gifts.


If you feel this call to you, I would love to hear from you!

Kylie Clarke

Kylie Clarke in service to Women everywhere.

Registration is always OPEN and

you will be notified by email of your progression to the next stage.

All registrations will be kept for future consideration unless otherwise requested.

© 2021 by Embody Nadora.

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