All change begins with choice and when you are ready for a shift but are not sure where to begin, Nadora can Inspire you towards your ideal path. Including this gift to Inspire your everyday life will help you allow more time for mental, emotional and physical ease, understanding and connection.


Our content works with the Earth's seasons - Each season you will receive.

  • 3 x seasonal eBooks

Monthly topics to learn and grow with the development of the seasonal cycles.

  • 3 x exclusive videos with Nadora team facilitators

A blend of information, practical exercises and tools to get the most out of each season's topic

  • 3 x monthly meditations

Guided sessions developed in sequence to guide you through the seasonal transitions.

  • LIVE workshop

Additional support each season with guidance and Q&A session to deepen your personal progress and understanding.

  • Private members Facebook group

Exclusive and continuous connection to all 3 facilitators anytime you need it. We are all here for you.

  • Access to Soul Connections

You receive immediate and ongoing access to our Soul Connections membership site, which shares practical monthly content, connecting the heart, mind and spirit and also brings you weekly insights; astrology, card readings, affirmations and more.

  • Moon Crew

You are invited to join our Moon Crew Facebook group  and will receive monthly full moon ceremony information.


Access to the entire Nadora library of ebooks, meditations, videos and tools for your personal use, enjoyment and expansion.

The Inspire level of Soul Offering allows you to use the tools and practices in a self-motivating manner meaning that all eBooks, videos and meditations are delivered at the beginning of each month and you can plan your time as you feel relevant and right for you and your lifestyle.


If you prefer to work through things in your own time and pace

If you want to put some effort into your own self development, but are unsure where to start or if it is really what you need

If you are quite self motivated and are looking for new perspectives, insights and ideas to help you along your journey


We want to have people see their worth and be willing to invest in themselves and their own journey, but may have blockages surrounded the monetary investment. This level starts from as little as a coffee a week - we know how much you are worthy of this!

This level of membership is shared with you in a 'pay what you feel' capacity per month.

from $22 per month


When you are ready to  purchase a membership, you will be asked to login or become a site member  first - before adding payment details.

Give Yourself a Beautiful Gift