When you are ready to accept love and healing fully into your life and to Indulge in your authentic wholeness, Nadora offers you this beautiful gift. Empower your right to inner peace and well-being through this connection to a path that allocates time for you to Indulge in your desire for self-love.


Our content works with the seasons - Each season you will receive.

  • 3 x seasonal eBooks

Monthly topics to learn and grow with the development of the seasonal cycles.

  • 3 x exclusive videos with Nadora facilitators

A blend of information, practical exercises and tools to get the most out of each season.

  • 3 x monthly meditations

Guided sessions developed in sequence to guide you through the seasonal transitions.

  • 1 x practical workbook

Fully downloadable questions for self-enquiry that support each topic within the season.

  • 3 x additional videos

Extra guidance and learning monthly with Nadora to help you embrace deeper insight into self.

  • 1 x LIVE workshop

Additional support each season with guidance and Q&A to deepen your personal progress.

  • 3 x Extra LIVE Q&As

Interactive sessions to further nurture your development and awareness of self.

  • members only Facebook group

Exclusive and continuous connection to all 3 facilitators anytime you need it.

  • Access to our DIY reading cards

Whenever you would like to do a reading for yourself, you have access to our library of oracle and tarot cards that you can set an intention and pick a card for some divine guidance.

  • PRIVATE mentoring session (Month 1 of the season)

A confidential session each season with Nadora to facilitate deep and private, personal growth. Let us help you to ascertain your goals, ideas and blockages. You will receive session notes and action steps with every session.

  • A beautiful GIFT box (Month 2 of the season)

Ultimate indulgence delivered to your door with LOVE, each item intentionally chosen and hand picked to enhance the season. These wellness items coincide with the actions and energies for the season.

  • 1 ON 1 healing session (Month 3 of the season)

Your choice of individual session each season to best balance your needs and promote your healing. Choose form an in depth tarot reading, cacao ceremony, life regression, distance reiki , body healing and spiritual life coaching.  Select the session you feel you most need each season.

  • Personal 12 month timeline reading

We will provide you with a personal 12 month Tarot reading forecast with a new month's card revealed to you each month - this is a fully personalised reading that will tune into your energy and what is coming up on your own life path.

  • Access to Soul Connections

You receive immediate and ongoing access to our Soul Connections membership site, which shares practical monthly content, connecting the heart, mind and spirit and also brings you weekly insights; astrology, card readings, affirmations and more.

  • Moon Crew

You are invited to join our Moon Crew Facebook group  and will receive monthly full moon ceremony information and rituals as well as exclusive access to our seasonal online Moon ceremonies.


Access to the entire Nadora library of ebooks, meditations, videos and tools for personal use, enjoyment and expansion.

Soul Offering at this level allows extra time for personal guidance and support through individual sessions and healings giving you the very best tools and practices for profound transformation and awakening to your Soul path. Indulge suits those who are seeking reflective insight and who are ready to uncover their inner truth by allowing deep healing and love across all areas of their life.


If you are looking for regular accountability and personal & private guidance and mentoring

If you are ready to truly spoil yourself with regular healing and energy sessions

If you see and believe in the value of investing in yourself


For much less than the cost of personal life coaching you will receive ALL the inclusions. guidance, insights and healing sessions from all three of our beautiful Nadora facilitators - accessing over 57 years of experience, practice and study.

Give yourself the best of what Nadora Retreats has to offer you each month.

$199 per month


When you are ready to  purchase a membership, you will be asked to login or become a site member  first - before adding payment details.

Give Yourself a Beautiful Gift