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Bloom With Grace

Chosen this season with purpose and intention for offering you the best tools for supporting your mental, emotional and spiritual awareness and growth.

We care about your journey and we want you to get the most out of every moment you share with us. 

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A beautiful gift, lovingly curated for your indulgence this Spring, as you move with the cycles of the season and Bloom with Grace.


Nadora Spring Essential Oil Blend

A supportive and energising oil blend that brings you what you need for Spring with Magnolia, Red Mandarin, Clementine and Star Anise.

  • Magnolia brings compassion, empathy and understanding to self and to others. Inspiring us to see the divine connection and beauty between all things. This is an oil of deep, transformative thought.

  • Red Mandarin allows us to see and feel the sweetness of life. Remember the magic of ‘being’ and look upon your days with a childlike innocence and outlook of awe and wonder.

  • Clementine helps bring joy and fun into your days. Encouraging positivity and allowing you to feel invigorated and inspire releasing feelings of overwhelm.

  • Star Anise brings a beautiful balance of flow and consistency, helping you move into states of gentle expansion and growth. Allowing you to feel strong, supported and empowered and reigniting your inner spark.


Rose Quartz Heart Crystal

Calling in the highest vibrations of unconditional love, this stone can be placed in your sacred space, around your home or used for your intention with love and healing.


Atlantis Soul Bloom Smudge Wand

Bloom Floral + Amethyst Crystal Wand was chosen and created with intentions to find those in need of connecting to their creativity and life purpose. We invite you to look a little deeper into the things that make your heart sing, what you’re passionate about and your beautiful gift you share with the world. This wand is lovingly handmade with Mugwort, Purple Myrtle (Thryptomene), Baby Blue Green Eucalyptus, Baby’s Breathe, Rose (red), Purple Valentine Grass. You can use this wand for rituals, meditation, smudging/energy cleansing or adorning your sacred space.


Shibora BODY SCRUB Indian Lotus & Frangipani

Indian Lotus & Frangipani is an exotic blend of lotus petals and ancient spices. A beautiful, delicate fragrance that will leave you mesmerised with the scent. It's fresh, clean and beautiful.

The lotus flower is sacred to India. It blossoms gradually and magnificently – one petal at a time and reaches full bloom when the rays of the sun kiss the flower.

Firelilee Wine & Roses candle

What better way to romance yourself than with wine and roses? Pair with your Shibora body scrub, run yourself a bath, light your candle and relax!


White tea, Lavender & Rosella (Hibiscus) tea blossoms

Take ½ an hour or while you’re in the bath to enjoy a cuppa with this gorgeous blooming tea. As beautiful to look at as it is to drink.

Give Yourself a Beautiful Gift

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