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Luxury escapes designed to bring you the gifts that enhance life on all levels.


Not just meditation. Not just yoga. Not just a few days of healthy living. We offer workshops and personal wellness experiences as unique as you are.

Workshops & Events



Every unique retreat experience that we offer aspires to ensure our guests feel supported, empowered, safe and connected in every way possible. From the moment you select your Nadora retreat, every tiny detail is considered and taken care of for you so that you have the time and space to give wholly to the deepest and most important parts of your journey.


We personally understand the need for rejuvenating the mind, re-energising the body and restoring the heart and graciously do everything within our power, every step of the way to guide you to remember your authentic self.


Nadora offers you patience and understanding that comes from over 59 combined years of dedicated learning, practicing and sharing our collective gifts and insights. No matter where you are and what you need more of in your life, we are able to provide you with professional and quality expertise stemming from qualifications in multiple areas of holistic health.


Let us spoil you with luxury for your soul.


Let us indulge your deserving heart in decadence.


Let us remind you around every corner that YOU are the perfect gift to the Universe.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Due to current situations and restrictions we will be looking to recommence our in person workshops, day retreats and location retreats in early - mid 2022.

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  • Day out of Time 2023 - Winter Retreat
    Day out of Time 2023 - Winter Retreat
    Weekend of the 21st to the 23rd July 2023
    East Coast of New South Wales, Australia
    Weekend of the 21st to the 23rd July 2023
    East Coast of New South Wales, Australia
    Join us for a weekend retreat. Experience yourself as never before… You were born into Divinity and your light was always meant to be seen. Remember Yourself!
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