One Card Reading

One Card Reading


A quick and straight forward way to ask a question and receive personal and insightful guidance.

Best suited for those niggly little questions, situations or people,  you feel you need a little bit of extra clarification or undersatnding on.

If you know our page, this is exactly the same as our free weekly offering of Tuesday Choice - except that it is a personal reading tuning into your individual energy.

  • Upon purchase you will be sent a link to our reading information form to confirm your question and clarify all details of your reading.

    Card and energy readings transcend physical locations. We can do readings for anyone, anywhere.

    We will complete your reading within 1-3 business days with a full written reading, card photos and reading overview. We have found this the best way to deliver readings so that you may review and re-read the readings as many time as you feel you need.

    If you would like a live session reading please visit our spiritual services page.

  • Includes

    • Single card reading
    • Over 30 card decks available - card deck chosen intuitively by Nadora
    • Should any additional cards or messages come through for you, these will be included
    • Photo layout of readings for clarity and visual connection
    • PDF written readings to allow repetition for clarity and understanding

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