Where will you find your strength?

Energetic overview for the week beginning 4th January 2021 - Login now to your member area and view the full week's content, astrology, affirmations and card reading. What do you believe in? Perseverance for your cause arises this week building on top of what you began creating at the beginning of the month. This energy finds no value in giving up. New angles, ideas and perspectives may show themselves this week. Are you ready to let go of what has been holding you back so you may step forward lovingly and willingly into your strength? Login now to your exclusive Soul Connections member's area to view the full

week's astrology, card reading, affirmations and energetic overview. Now live! Remember we are always here when you feel you are ready for more. If you haven't yet joined, you can do so for free here. You are a beautiful gift.

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