What would it look like if you actually got what you say you wanted?

Our energetic overview for this week - The week beginning 5th April 2021. The New Moon in Aries is on the 11th brings us the opportunity to decide what it is we want to commit to. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and so is especially ripe with potential and an exciting vibe for putting it all out there and taking a risk. A week of taking action in a new area of life and diving in with enthusiasm and confidence.

The Lovers this week reminds us of our connection to source, to ourselves and to those relationships closest to us. This card can indicate that there are decisions to be made and it an be a time for you to determine clearly what it is you want, what it is that love means to you and knowing (in your heart of hearts) what is right and wrong for you from a personal perspective.

Seek your own authenticity this week and be willing to communicate with honesty and truth. Not what you think others want to hear. You could have some big decisions to make this week.

Our weekly affirmation connects you to your highest spiritual self. Feel the abundance here and the divine guidance and alignment with the core of who you are. If you are already a Soul Connection FREE Lite member - login here to access the full week's content. If not, you are welcome to sign up today. We have a new month of insight, energy and guidance to share with you for April 2021 - login to view it all now.

  • Mercury moves into Aries from the 3rd to the 19th - 'harmony through conflict' is looking to be the theme here with the potential for big battles and big resolutions.

  • Are you burnt out? Do you feel imbalanced and disconnected? Would you know if you were? This month we are exploring the heart space and Ebony has put together a beautiful Heart Coherence practical exercise.

  • Our next workshop is Messages for your Angels on the 22nd April. Find out all about the archangels and connect with your own guardian angels in this interactive, 2 hour online workshop.

  • Our next FREE workshop is ready for registrations. We will be looking at self care and self love and self celebration to prepare us for a lead in to the next season change. May 13th 2021. RSVP today.

  • Take our 'What Season Are You In?' Quiz to find out which cycle you are currently living in and whether this matches the Earthly cycle you are experiencing in your outside world.

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