What are your current relationships showing you?

Our energetic overview for this week - The week beginning 29th March 2021 We have a short week of information, with April just around the corner, our new monthly content will be available on the 1st (no jokes!) The Full Moon on the Libra / Aries axis (28th/29th March) asks us to express our need for balance and boundaries between self and others within our relationships. We are encouraged to learn to see and value our own needs, the needs of the other and the needs of the relationship itself.

This is second time in two months that The Tower has appeared in our weekly card readings. Often this indicates a need to really begin to pay attention in this area of our lives, or that we haven't quite yet understood the message. The Tower is a card of upheaval, of change, of letting go, of unexpected happenings and learning to cope and deal with things in our own way - adapting, shifting, pivoting so that we may see our own truth and then decide for ourselves what we wish to keep, and what we are willing to release.

A pure love affirmation accompanies this week's energies, allowing you to connect into the heart space and to the endless flow of universal love - know that no matter what is happening around you, you always have control and choice of what happens within you. Repeat the affirmation as often as you feel guided to throughout this week. If you are already a Soul Connection FREE Lite member - login here to access the full week's content. If not, you are welcome to sign up today. If you feel you are ready to upgrade your membership and invite more wellness, self-understanding, guidance, love and freedom into your life. Join Soul Connection (full version) for $5.50 AU per week. Find out more. You are a beautiful gift - we hope you have an amazing week! Ebony, Kylie & Tracy x

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