Time to dig in the heels and make a stand!

Our energetic overview for this week - The week beginning 19 April 2021. This week has much to do with the mind - how we think and process thoughts, what we believe, our ideas, inspirations, and higher intuition. It is going to be about us showing up to understand, to resist or to defend the rights and responsibilities of ourselves and of others. The Sun moves into Taurus from the 19th. Mercury also moves into the sign of the Bull. Mars moves into Cancer from the 23rd. There is a lot going on this week - be sure to read the full astrology overview by logging in now or joining for FREE.

The Wheel of Fortune is the card for this week - this card reminds us of the ever changing cycles throughout the world, and movement of the world within us and surrounding us intertwining and interacting with our own energies. The Wheel of Fortune card can be seen as signifying impending changes and more particularly a restarting of things after a time of inaction, contemplation or restoration. It is time to get moving again.

Use our Connected Affirmation this week to evoke and personify these energies this week. We suggest repeating the affirmations out loud at least twice each day throughout the week. Login to our FREE member area (see below) to view and save the graphic to your phone for easy accessibility. Login to our exclusive FREE member area now - login here to access the full week and all of April's content. The weekly and the monthly content is all FREE and all for you.


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