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The Power of EGO EMOTIONS: creating the reality you really want.

The ego has long carried a bad rap for being the enemy of our Soul and our growth here as Spiritual beings having a Human experience. But your ego is not and has never been your enemy – instead, I have always considered the ego as a close, personal friend who has always tried to do what they believe is best for you.

Your ego is part of your neuro-physiological system and as such it has supported you throughout your lifetime in protecting your self-image and self-worth, and it’s helping you to create your concepts of self.

A powerful role indeed! Sometimes, however, although your ego may be well intentioned, it can work counter intuitive to your own progress and growth, this happens when the concern you have for yourself overrides what actually may be happening in reality.

Being a neurological presence, your ego is like a program that responds to signals and patterns of perception – meaning that without conscious and purposeful conditioning, the way something appears to you will dictate your behaviour in any situation.

Often in life, attempts to assert our individuality, freedom, and originality can seem to undermine our sense of feeling safe, secure and grounded yet at the same time, we have an innate calling to be more and are not satisfied when we blend in or conform.

When we were young, we had no conscious ability for being able to practice discernment over these things for the purpose of personal growth and expansion, but now we do and teaching those of you who are ready to reclaim your powerful creative force in the present moment is a big part of what we do through Embody Nadora – guiding individuals through a journey of calling back their energy so that they feel more alive, in control and in touch with their wants and needs.

So, the ego is not bad, but as we grow and mature, there comes a time when it does need to be gently and lovingly reminded that we can handle things and we can take it from here.

Most people consider having an ego to mean that a person must be self-servicing, selfish and egotistical however this is a person that is ruled by ego, which isn’t the majority of us. So how do you know where you stand?

Well, the first step in recognising your current relationship with your ego is awareness – you need to become aware of when your ego is trying to flex its muscles so that you can recognise how present and easily triggered your ego is and then learn to soothe it before it gets too riled up.

The world around you is an amazing teacher of how balanced, at ease and aware you are of the ego aspect of yourself but beware the ego trap.

Anytime we choose to make a change in our lives or to experience life in a new a way that feels better to us, particularly within relationships, the ego trap can hold us in the recesses of that old energy so that we aren’t fully able to embody the changes we make.

In this energy we become more focused on how these changes look to the outside world and how it affects the parts of our life that our ego is attached to rather than what our heart is attached to. Or, we allow ego to pull us up out of ourselves to a place that we perceive ourselves as doing more or better than others.

For example, if we decide to do something of wellbeing for our body, to improve our health and spiritual presence in this lifetime, but ridicule or judge those that don’t, then we are still within the grasps and control of the ego.

Reflect on the following questions.

Do I feel superior to others? Do I feel inferior to others? What do I need to do to feel equal?

We are all on a journey from somewhere to somewhere and we are all travelling at our own speed, doing the best we can in each moment with the tools we have… recognising this is the first step to soothing the ego. Embodying the truth of those words is the next step.


If you feel ready to dive into this awareness a little further - watch our Full video series The Ego, The Shadow and The Soul Self... go and grab a mug (or glass) of your favourite beverage and give your soul this time to explore a little more...

Part 1 What is the difference between your ego and your shadow? What other parts of self exist? What is the purpose of all these aspects of self? And how do we find balance and wholeness amongst them all?

Part 2 In Part 2 we focus on the ego aspect of self, going deeper into what it is, how to recognise it, where you might find it, how to deal with it and of course – how to work with it rather than against it to heal and move towards wholeness.

Part 3 In Part 3 the focus moves to the shadow aspect of self. This part symbolises what we are “taught” is wrong about ourselves. But... the shadow is powerful and can break down the defences of the Ego aspect of self by allowing itself to be seen, heard felt and acknowledged.

Part 4 The final part in our Ego series we look at the most complete aspect of yourself - the all encompassing, inclusive Soul Self. This is where the Ego and the Shadow come together to begin reversing the original separation of self and allowing light to fill us.


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