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The Esoteric Moon ~ What lies beyond

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

From an esoteric, soul perspective, the Moon has no essential life value but rather it is just storage of past ideas and perspectives. What began as instinct and developed into intelligence is now evolving into intuition and as we study these deeper esoteric aspects of astrology and our integrated journey with the Universe, our own intuition expands. This is possibly the greatest gift of this type of study - expanding our consciousness. When we speak about esoteric astrology (and we do A LOT) we are looking at the placement of the planets and planetary bodies from a SOUL perspective; this is the soul's journey and is more to do with the spiritual evolution of ourselves. Exoteric astrology is what you may read in the newspaper or online and relates more to the every day aspect, it is more ego / individually based. We prefer to focus on esoteric astrology as it encourages us to consider things from a multi-dimensional perspective and to go within for wisdom and answers.

Seeing the Moon for what it is and "innerstanding" how to work with its energies to overcome or rise above the influences can help you align with the essential wholeness of life.

The very nature of the soul journey through the esoteric energies of the planets does not negate the personality factor. Instead, as you ascend or awaken to this level of Being, a blending of these two aspects of self – the personality and the Soul - is taking place - which in turn gives rise to an even greater state of inclusivity of bringing to our awareness the deeper, Divine interrelationship between all energies, forces and entities.

In traditional exoteric astrology, the Moon is closely associated with form, memory and emotion; three dimensions of human experience that are linked to our connection and understanding of life.

The body

The mind

The heart

Esoteric astrology acknowledges these traditional Moon concepts but considers them more from a cause-and-effect type perspective wherein The Moon and its rulership over biological growth, emotional expression, and our personal and collective pasts and psyches, arises from an expression of that underlying energy from within oneself. - The soul draws substance to itself in order to manifest a physical body on Earth; substance responds to resonating vibrations meaning that the Moon energy is answering the call of the individual Soul rather than initiating the influence.

The personality effects of the Moon and its sign placement, as we previously looked at, centre around the psychological level of existence, but there are other, more refined or highly evolved influences which the Moon can act as a lens for, once the aspects of the personality/Moon are fully integrated. These esoteric energies will supersede the Lunar based ones within any being walking their conscious Soul journey.

Like it or not, aware of it or not, the Lunar energies work through you each month; so why not learn to work with them to improve your life?

Life shifts along with these energies and you can learn to lean into the current cycle and ride the waves to ease.

You can find control over your life energy, your decisions, how you feel about yourself, others and events, as well as connect to your inner power for manifesting and creating your dreams through practicing the rituals and ceremonies we share in Soul Connections.

Through any spiritual observation of the Moon, an awareness of our limitless connection to all things presents itself. Where Earth is tangible and easily relatable to our physical self, the Moon serves as our closest bridge to what lay beyond the physical – the secrets and mysteries of the Universe.

Esoterically speaking, the moon represents our unconscious tendencies – the ‘who we are without thinking about it’. These automatic behaviours can hinder the Soul along its journey and create a metaphorical prison to prevent the Soul from evolving itself through life… however, through the aspects of the Sun, we reveal and bring into the light these limitations so that we can uplift them and grow.

As we move through our Soul journey and begin to recognise the different degrees of Lunar connection to our physical, mental and emotional bodies, a means to overcoming the struggle and conditions put forth to us emerges. The relationship between our Soul and physical, mental, and emotional lives is forever evolving as we work to uplift the primitive and self-serving tendencies of one to merge with the conscious, light/love/wisdom, service way of the other.

Once we learn how to detach from our lunar past and incorporate that energy in service, one of three planets will substitute the Moon’s energy and traditional function. Esoterically, either Uranus, Vulcan or Neptune will become available as a higher spiritual planet that broadcasts its ray through the Moon.

As all things a frequency and vibration, you will pick up whichever deeper, esoteric moon energy that you most resonate with.

Vulcan is the awareness of the journey.

Uranus is the forger of tools.

Neptune is the dissolver of separation and bringer of individualised connection.

Usually through the transitional phase or the awareness of the journey ahead, the effects of Vulcan are most noticeable as Vulcan is the breaker of chains that tethers us to form and forges new means of conscious expression. Past patterns dissolve with this energy in favour of detachment from form in the search for deeper meaning.

With Uranus, the true birthing of a new human consciousness takes place. The focus here is on revolutionary changes that invite collective contribution for greater service to the greater good – freed from the past yet bringing with it the best of what came before for the betterment of humanity. This is the dominant energy at the moment for those already on the Soul path as the awakened respond intuitively to the rising Aquarian energy.

The most esoteric influence working through the lunar front is that of Neptune. As the ruler of all life on the astral plane this energy carries within it impressions that are hidden from the majority by the unconscious mind/Moon energy until we uncover enough tools within the journey to be able to comprehend this energy positively. These tools reveal themselves to the traveller through the practice of awareness and balance.

Each of us is moving through the mirages of the Moon in our own way trying to perceive beyond where we are.

The journey is about the liberation of our disconnection from our Soul ~ a return to our Spiritual existence where in the illusion of form does not matter and the matter of form is bathed within the waters of life/love/light.

We, as humanity come forth through the rays of creation to kingdom of the Father (Sun), through the nurturing of the Mother (Earth), to connect and uplift the hidden deception of our past (Moon).

No matter what part of your journey you are on, your path is important and the opportunities you are ready for will present themselves as needed.

Awareness is the key.

It has always been and will always be up to you to decide which direction you will go, to develop your own awareness, your own resilience and stay true to your intended desires.

Your future is not determined by the stars. They can guide you and show you potential opportunities for your inner journey, but YOU create your outer world… YOU create your future. Kylie x

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