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Saturn - The Gatekeeper at the Barrier of Evolution.

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Do you know where Saturn lies in your chart? This planet has been given a bad wrap - read on to understand more about the importance of Saturn and how you can work with the energy to further your own spiritual growth and self understanding. It’s no secret that we are in a constant state of growth and evolution… change is constant after all… even when we don’t notice it.

The energy within our Solar System is moving at an accelerated rate and powering towards the barrier of life as we know it. It is literally a life-changing occurrence that we can have a conscious, positive affect on.

There has never been a more empowering time to learn to use the map we have each been given… not here on Earth. Here… we were only ever shown pieces of the puzzle and were left to figure the rest out by ourselves… religion, culture, status… these have only ever been distractions…

Look up!

Although it sometimes get a bad rap by exoteric astrologers and those who listen as a negative and devastating energy to play with, Saturn is just like any other Planet within our Universe and comprises both a light and a shadow side. It is the Grim reaper… yes… but it is also the doting Father.

Saturn is the Planet that invites us to grow up, mature and take responsibility for ourselves. Like when we first move out of home, this Fatherly energy is urging us to use money wisely because everything adds up over time. However, in esoteric wisdom, money means way more than the paper, metal and plastic that we trade daily in a physical sense.

Money, or currency is the physical representation of an energy transfer. It is the current created by an exchange and in our world… it has created a web of slavery within which we are all trapped, even though most of us believe that we are free.

At this point I will say again that Saturn is not a negative Planet, rather, it should be respected as an advisor who knows and believes in your capabilities and will not accept less from you than that; someone who sees the awesome power of goodness within you no matter what you have done in the past; someone who is offering up some tough love in order for you to step up and assert your strength. Saturn takes guardianship over consciousness and rules over the throat chakra and physical lungs.

In essence, Saturn, is the Lord of Karma ~ The Dweller on the Threshold ~ and He stands at the Gates of Initiation to put all who approach to the test and to hold them to account.

To pass the gates, we do not need to be perfect… we are here to be imperfectly perfect. What we need to become is accountable… wholly, fully and completely.

From an astronomical perspective, Saturn is the furthest planet visible from the Earth with the naked eye. This position in space is indicative of the concept that one cannot begin to integrate the energies of the furthest planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, into their individual consciousness without first having proved personal responsibility so that they may be able to handle these powerful and more advanced energies from a more evolved state.

This most mighty planet represents the construction of the physical; the crystallisation of the past wherein debts must be balanced before we can move on to the potential of the future. In order to awaken these potentials which are connected to the two higher centres within the brow and crown chakras, we each must first demonstrate personal awareness from the level of the throat – meaning that we need to learn to speak our Truth.

Saturn energy is a noble and vital energy that all must overcome, balance and integrate along the Path of initiation.

So, what does all of this mean for you personally?

Simply put, this energy is always dancing in our skies and is always apparent in our lives in one way or another. The aspects it portrays can be found and understood by examining your astrology chart from a more esoteric perspective.

Remember that ‘esoteric’ simply means mysterious, secret or hidden.

Essentially, this means to look at the shadow aspects of your life.

The darkness within us should never be feared because at the core of our Being, we are light and even the smallest spark of light can dissipate the shadows. In saying that… the shadows within us only exist because we are yet to bring light to them.

Light is wisdom, understanding and acceptance.

Overall, Saturn is a planet of opportunity as its energy brings forth obstacles which must be overcome to allow conscious freedom of choice and discernment. Through the seemingly harsh restrictions of this Planet, we establish strength of will because Saturn is deeply concerned with boundaries. Having boundaries means maintaining integrity when it comes to your own beliefs no matter what the temptation, so this teaches people to work through limitations, adversity, and obligation. Emotionally, it represents shame and suffering whilst on an esoteric/physical level, Saturn represents the bones and the blood within the body.

Saturn’s shadow side is the side that we will notice the influence of in our life when we are being ignorant of a lesson and are in need of a little, (or big) shake up to pay attention.

Through Saturn we can experience a world of frustration, rejection, destruction, dominance, power struggles, disruptions to currency flow (economy), and unfulfilled desires but there is always an element of fate at work. Saturn symbolises the reign of the material nature of man so it can lend a heaviness to our energy which slows things down and therefore can potentially take a lifetime to integrate and find the middle path.

Awareness of what you are working with can significantly shorten these effects and ease you into your next phase of growth.

On Earth, we have now reached a place where our conscious choices can become possible and we will be tested as to whether or not our choices are for the greater good. We may be asked to bear some of the collective burden in order to advance humanity and express the Ray of Love/Wisdom. The position of Saturn in your personal chart will reveal where your responsibility lies and where you may expect challenges of self-discipline or restriction to show up.

Your Saturn sign will show you how to face your fears, how to set boundaries, what kinds of restrictions you may face, and what areas of your life require more discipline. You can find out:

  • which Ray qualities may be blocked on a personality level, so that they can be recognised and understood in a more objective manner.

  • where personal restriction may be enacted - financially, romantically, physically, etc.

  • what the Soul is wanting to perfect in contribution to the Plan for humanity.

  • the kinds of circumstances which will bring about the necessary challenges.

Keep reading to find out how to notice and overcome what Saturn is bringing up for you. Remember that these ideas are to lead you across the barrier of initiating the merge between personality and Soul therefore the ideas can relate to one or both of these areas.

You were born to overcome… and through each trial you will rise and emerge stronger.

Be YOU… there is only one.

~ Kylie x If you don't know where Saturn is in your chart, there are plenty of free online astrology chart builders. Or if you would like a full astrological reading and chart from Nadora you can order one here.



Saturn in Aries can make you rather impulsive meaning that you can dive into a project, or turn your life in a new direction in an instant. The challenge is that your dedication and staying power is not quite as strong. On the flip side, Saturn in this house can make you hesitate, so that you are always inspired and full of ideas, but they never get off the ground. Your lesson is to become a leader without doing everything yourself and without becoming a overbearing and bossy. The challenge is to be self-satisfied with minimal feedback… you don’t need your name on everything to know that you have had an input. A position where you can take risks and lead is the ideal arena to express this layer of yourself.


Saturn in Taurus requires stability in the form of comfort and luxury. This aspect makes finances a challenging idea. Perhaps you have lessons to learn around budgeting and delayed gratification or perhaps laziness removes the drive to get up and do what is needed to make your dreams possible. On the other hand, you have the potential to be an incredible manager of money but overly motivated by material possessions. Beware the characteristics of the Bull… and seek balance between those who charge and those who stand still chewing cud. A position within which you are of service to others rather than to self, will help keep you humble on your path.


Saturn in this energy offers the lesson of communication. Whether by speaking or writing, you are meant to use your words. The powers of Saturn however can supress this task causing you to have difficulty working out who you are and therefore expressing yourself and forming your own opinion can be difficult. Although it may take a while for you to find the courage to speak up in public, you will find confidence in expressing yourself within the relationships closest to you. Your challenge is to find balance between expressing yourself and losing your autonomy via constant compromise. A position in writing or teaching may allow you to harness your people skills with positive poise.


Home and family will be at the forefront with Saturn in this house and it may be a source of both comfort and angst in equal measure. Saturn in this position may cause you to struggle with moving out of one crab shell and into the next once you have outgrown your environment. Similarly, you may assume over responsibility for your parents and siblings. Being reserved, (hiding in your shell) may present the biggest challenge and you may have some barriers to overcome from childhood and/or in parenthood. A position in which you take care and responsibility of others could be most fulfilling for you.


Saturn in this position creates an intensity and passion for the big, the bold, the daring, the passionate fairy tale type relationships. The challenge here is that although you may have a tendency to perform and present yourself well, the Saturn influence can lend you towards the dramatic making your journey towards your leading role in the right romantic relationship take longer and causing you to judge yourself harshly when you get there. Learning your boundaries for indulging in the area of love before you know who and what is right for you can stop you romanticising and creating internal struggles while in relationships. Positions that are creative and which allow for expression of your regal demeanour can move you closer to a rewarding emotional life.


Saturn’s energy here is all about systems and moving through life in an organised,

mechanical way. Considering the world was formed on organised chaos, many life experiences may be confusing to you. Your challenge is learning how to manage small details while simultaneously going with the flow – knowing what you can control, accepting what you cannot. With Saturn in this position, there are lessons surrounding perfectionism which could materialise as struggles with food. Consider natural elements in all areas of life, food, clothing, healing etc. Positions that place you in nature or natural modalities or even charity’s will fulfil your energies desire for service.


Saturn’s theme in this aspect is all about partnership within relationships, because of this, other people can be both blessing and a curse throughout your lifetime. Your challenge is to define boundaries and balance and create a symbiotic connection that allows stability and cohesive give and take. This position of Saturn offers the great humanitarian challenge by understanding what it really means to co-exist harmoniously with others. The lesson here is to love unconditionally through struggle while simultaneously setting and respecting boundaries Positions that allow establishment of fairness, equality and balance within self and others can fulfil the need for justice and beauty through symmetry.


Saturn in saucy Scorpio is no subtle course. Your challenges may bring some of the toughest lessons through blocks to abundance, fear of success or body image issues. With all transformation, something must fall away in order for the new to emerge meaning that you may need to overcome great loss in order to redefine your life and your path. Your lesson through Saturn in this aspect is to trust the bigger picture, your inner senses and then to use that in service of others. Positions that help others through transformation and struggle will serve your Soul.


This position spreads Saturn’s influence all over the world and will relate to matters such as cross-cultural relationships, travel or global education. Your challenges may come through overcoming perceptions and judgements over such stereo-typical concepts. You may find lessons in adopting other cultures and living abroad as Saturn creates opportunities for you to be an eternal student of life. Positions that satisfy your thirst for knowledge, travelling, teaching or publishing etc may fulfil your desire.


Saturn pushes success in this house and will remind you that ambition is great but should not come at any cost. Your challenge will be to overcome issues that plague your idea of authority, for example, Father issues or other ideas related to men. Often these circumstances can dominate and supress your self-expression. The lesson for you is to establish a balanced moral code through learning that the end does not always justify the means. Yes, getting things done is important, but how you do it is more important. Positions that offer you a place to aspire to with positive role models will help your Soul thrive. Consider even managing your own business.


Saturn is Aquarius brings community into focus as a source of struggle for you, and your challenge will be to find your tribe without changing who you are. Lessons to learn through Saturn’s position in this house are that your uniqueness is what makes you great and that anyone who can’t see that isn’t supposed to be a part of your tribe. Overcoming humanitarian issues may call to you because you visualise a world where all people are accepted. Positions that embrace this idea or allow you to engage in progressive thinking will appeal.


Through this house Saturn arouses compassionate healing energy within you but your challenge will be to not get too lost or swept up in the Spiritual side of things so that your time and energy is still grounded here on Earth. Your lesson is to understand that there is more than one way to do something and to not allow yourself to make too many sacrifices of your time and energy without seeking a counterbalance. Boundaries are important. Positions in the spiritual, esoteric arena, psychology or alternative medicine may fulfil your Soul desire but so too will the arts.


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