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Moon Mysteries ~ More Than Meets The Eye

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Which Moon Path Are You On?

The planetary energies from the Universe and beyond work through us each month; so why not learn to work with them too…?

Change, by Universal Law, is one of the only constants and so life is always shifting and if you pay attention to these shifts and the energies that arise with them, you can get a feel for the ebb and flow of this amazing, creation cycle of which we are each a beautiful part.

Your future is in no way determined by the stars. They may guide us, but we create our future. It’s up to us to decide which direction we will go, to develop our awareness, our resilience and stay true to our intended desires.

The style in which astronomy and standard western astrology is studied today shows correlation mostly to the outer conditions of movement and influence whilst being unaware of the deeper, more mystical and spiritual element that lay within all physical organisms. This element is the expression of life and in we human beings, manifests itself from beyond the personality or ego.

How does the Moon fit into this idea?

The vast majority of humanity is still quite attached to the life of the personality. This is the aspect of ourselves that creates the ties to our past, to the concept of karma, patterns of social conditioning and our instinctual emotional responsiveness all of which are incorporated into mass consciousness and influenced by the energy of the Moon.

Magical right...?

The Moon associates with water, emotion, the subconscious mind, the collective unconscious and the body’s autonomous systems. It is the connection to tides, to the natural ebb and flow of the cycles within life, to the collective awakening and remembering and to the cleansing, clearing and regeneration of our physical being and lower mind for the purpose of allowing us to transcend within each cycle.


External observation of the Moon as seen from earth, shows it to be in a constant state of metamorphosis from fully illuminated, to one half, to one quarter and then it seems to disappear altogether with what we call the New Moon. Just by following this basic process, we witness the birth of something, and then we watch it reach completion followed by the passing of it only to see it born again in the next cycle.

All of this is explained as though the Moon was merely a mass moving through cosmic space, illuminated by the Sun from various angles to present as this lit object within our skies, but this doesn’t even come close to what the Moon really means to the Earth, and especially to we Human Beings.

As we look out at the perceptible, physical surface of the Moon, we can use it as a reminder that all things embody this same energy of waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing, birth, death and rebirth. This is demonstration of transformation, transcendence and transference at its best because it allows us to bring our attention to and put our faith

in the hidden elements of life – invisible, yet present – just as the Soul, Spirit or energetic aspects of ourselves may be.

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Let’s break down this Lunar energy from an astronomical perspective.

The new moon - is when the sun and moon come into alignment; when the yang

(masculine) energy of the sun merges with the yin (feminine) essence of the moon. During this phase, the moon and the sun conjoin in the sky, meaning they align at the same degree. When this happens, energetically, it’s time to get still and plant new seeds of desire. During a new moon, it serves you to breathe new life into any area of stagnation or any place in life that we would like to impact positive change.

The waxing crescent moon – takes place in the days that follow a new moon. Now it is time to anchor into your intentions. Focus on one thing you want to bring into existence during this lunar cycle and practice visualisations and affirmations through this phase. Write your new moon intention out clearly and succinctly so that you can read it daily.

The waxing quarter moon - is the time to look at the challenges that are coming up and make choices about how best to move forward. This is when the sun and the moon square each other, meaning that they form a 90-degree angle to one another. This phase allows you to see the issues that have arisen since the new moon and face adversity with a resolute mind so that you can work productively with challenges, allowing them to be your greatest teachers.

The waxing gibbous moon – is the high energy moment that offers perspective right before the full moon. With the lunar momentum waxing, you should start to notice and feel like things are aligning therefore, it is time to ramp up the creation energy in your life and take big action on your intentions behalf.

The full moon – is the most nourishing of the lunar energies. As it receives the full light of

the sun and shines back to us with illumination, it is the perfect representation of the balance of doing and being within our own energies. When the moon is full, the gravitational pull on the Earth makes for a time of peak creativity and powerful intuitive breakthroughs. This moment is about embodiment as the Full Moon accentuates everything that you’ve been working on so take time to reflect, get outside at night and let the moon shine upon you and nourish your soul.

The waning gibbous moon – follows the full moon and is a time to consider what you need to release. During this phase, reflect on what blocks you may have and what is keeping you from receiving your desired outcome. Pay attention to any energetic depletion or things holding you back from actualising your desires. Embrace what feels easy, go with the flow, release resistance to not having what you want.

The waning quarter moon – is when the light disseminates, and you are called to go within and do the internal work through seeking answers and heart inspired guidance. This moment is about giving yourself permission to become more committed to yourself, particularly during emotional moments and your developing awareness of your internal messages. Listen intently to the direction and guidance that arises for you through this phase – in every shape and form – there are no coincidences!

The waning crescent moon – is the final phase of the entire astronomical moon cycle and occurs right before the next New Moon. This is your opportunity to reflect back on the whole lunar cycle and ask yourself – What took place? What have you learned? What is still in motion? What work is still to be done? Rereading your new moon intention can help you evaluate your personal growth and evolution since you first wrote it and then make plans for how you want to proceed into the next new moon.


The skies above us are divided into 12 sections categorised by the stars signs we have come to know as the zodiac. We don’t necessarily endorse the concepts of horoscopes as they are predominantly known and used today, however we embrace the deeper wisdom that comes from understanding our Soul connection to each astrological body rather than its influence over us, therefore we share information from that perspective in hope to help you connect dots to the meaning that lay just beyond what we have been told for so long.

As the Moon moves through the zodiac, its energy reflects the shadow or hidden aspects of each sign. The concept of creation is always about balance, therefore the keys to balancing the Sun aspects of one sign can be found within the Moon aspects of that sign and this cycle takes place over a 6 month period within which you can willfully work with your intention to manifest and create changes.

Whilst the Sun conveys qualities we are learning to develop and become, the Moon expresses those that we already are, so as the Moon represents your instinctive or emotional energies, it is doing so from the perspective of your Soul and the readiness or preparation for your emerging into Divine integration. The Moon will highlight your innate reactions, and the things you need to feel comfortable or secure in order to take the next evolutionary step. It does this through revealing your authentic emotional, genetic, ancestral and intuitive disposition.

As the zodiac shifts, so too does the energetic influence of the Moon.

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Looking deeper at the astrological energies through the zodiac.

Aries - is a Fire sign, governing impulses, initiative and action. This energy is best when involved with exciting, challenging or new experiences. As a Cardinal sign, the need to act is highlighted.

Dynamic, pioneering, individual, independent and emotionally free – this energy has the capacity to endure hardship when the right purpose presents itself.

Taurus - is an Earth sign, pertaining to the tangible, material aspects of life. This energy relates to the physical plane and will be expressed in what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. As a Fixed sign, patience and perseverance are focus points.

Comfort seeking, secure, nurturing, sustenance and abundant – this energy has the means to practically achieve.

Gemini - is an Air sign, governing communication and the exchange of information or ideas.

This energy is curious and seeks to know about the world. As a Mutable sign, the need for variety and change will feature.

Seeking stimulation, easily bored, adaptable, instinctive and multi-focused – this energy is inspired by the new and how to include or express it.

Cancer - is a Water sign, pertaining to the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions. This energy is strong, intuitive and more in tune with what others need. As a Cardinal sign, the desire to act is at the forefront.

Responsible, connected, family and community orientated, and empathetic – this energy swoops in with deep emotion that transforms the moods of the individual and the masses.

Leo - is a Fire sign, relating to spirit, inspiration and being seen or noticed. This energy is warm, generous and confident. As a Fixed sign, constancy and perseverance are important to bring about the full expression.

Loving, loyal, benevolent, and respectful – this energy conducts an almost regal and dignified favour that will stand up for the good of others

Virgo - is an Earth sign, connecting to tangible or physical things. This energy is coming together of practicality and change to refine intentions. As a Mutable sign, variety and change will help define right path.

Analytical, practical, nurturing, organised and humble – this energy is extremely focused on service to others as a means fulfilling itself from behind the scenes.

Libra - is an Air sign, governing communication and the protocols around which relationship occurs. This energy brings a desire to find connection to all aspects of surroundings. As a cardinal sign, the process and the journey are what’s important.

Balance, diplomatic, objective, harmonious, and fair-minded – this energy is about social rapport whilst being individual and mutually reasonable and respectful.

Scorpio - is a Water sign, which relates to the profound emotion, psychology and mystical aspects of life. This energy is dynamic and powerfully perceptive in applying the principles of transformation. As a fixed sign, emotional alignment is key to achieving desired outcomes.

Enduring, deep, truthful, authentic, intimate, demanding and loyal – this energy can hold on tight to what it wants and refuse to take anything less. Anything shallow or surface based will not be good enough.

Sagittarius - is a Fire sign, accentuating the intense and creative dimensions of life. This energy is passionate and idealistic in any approach to bringing about change. As a Mutable sign, it stirs up variety and change to allow opportunity.

Freedom-loving, explorative, expansive, diverse and adaptable – this energy comes with a deep calling for freedom over a matter within which new horizons can be explored.

Capricorn - is an Earth sign, and so pertains to the tangible and practical dimensions of life. This energy is generally serious in nature. As a Cardinal sign, there needs to be movement to this energy which implies a need to take action.

Practical, responsible, masterly, and resourceful – this energy can step up and find a way to make the most out of whatever it is faced with.

Aquarius - is an Air sign, relating to ideas and concepts for relating to the social side of life. This energy is clear, concise and unlikely to change direction easily. As a Fixed sign, the qualities of focus, perseverance and endurance will be what pulls through.

Unique, detached, objective, expressive, reserved and hesitant – this energy brings reminders that not all moments are meant for action and recognising true action from false is action enough.

Pisces - is the final sign of The Zodiac, a water sign that has much to do with sensitivity – to oneself and to other people. This energy bring to the surface the deep, and unseen forces that shape our world. As a mutable sign, transformation and adaptability will dominate.

Highly impressionable, compassionate, imaginative, abstract and intuitive – this energy romanticises situations towards the ideal through immediate and accurate perceptions.

The moon plays a huge role in our evolution as Human Beings although a majority have no idea of exactly how - in particular during any new/full moon. As with other occult forces and esoteric perspectives, the moon has a teaching function in the bigger picture of soul evolution and the process of conscious awakening. So, it’s important that we don’t think of the moon as either positive nor negative or project any fear. Although the concept is termed “occult”, this is a word that simply means ‘hidden’.

As always: Knowledge protects. Ignorance endangers.

Kylie x

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