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Lost in Translation

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I am a self confessed rambler.

I don't really know what happens. My thoughts are generally quite clear and my own understanding of those thoughts should by all means just flow straight out of my mouth.....

But something strange happens during the process of thought conversion that often leaves me babbling to myself long after the other person or people have checked out of the conversation and I start back tracking with a series of;

"wait, that's not what I mean"

"no that's not it either"

and usually ends with;

"I'm not sure how to explain to you what I'm trying to say, never mind."

Its almost as if there are no words for what it is that I am trying to say or my definitions of words are very different to most peoples.

There are too few of us that truly realise the power of our words. The vibration they carry, the tone we use when we say them; too many of us take little responsibility for the effect our words have over others and the world as a whole.

There are many words within our English language that for most people, carry the same meaning and so they might consider them interchangeable.

There are many words within our English language that I consider to carry a similar meaning but that can be easily confused with words that would have you completely misunderstanding what exactly it is that I am trying to say.

Translating someones language, whether it be signals, verbal or written can be tricky but so, SO important to the outcome. (check out my post on the translation of I AM to see what I mean).

Below are a few comparisons of words or terms that I often use which might be considered to have more than one meaning. See what you think and feel free to share your own ideas. I love this type of discussion, it's open communication at it's best.

Education vs knowledge

Education = recollection and regurgitation of information. It comes from a source outside of yourself.

Knowledge = inner wisdom, awareness, experience, and personal authority. It comes from within yourself.

One is someone else opinion, the other is your own. Therefore someone who is giving you information and telling you it is true is an educator where as someone who is sharing there own experience and holding space for you to become aware of your own ideas through your own experience is a teacher.

Faith vs spirituality

Faith = belief in the unknown based on the words and opinions of someone else.

Spirituality = belief in self and universal laws based on inner knowledge.

One is putting your trust in someone / something else, the other is trusting yourself.

Emotions vs feelings

Emotions = a state of unconscious, mental reaction to something outside of yourself and usually accompanied by physiological and behavioural changes.

Feelings = generalised body consciousness or sensations of awareness set into action by something within yourself.

One is a mental or thinking state of reacting, the other is a physical or heart state of responding. Therefore a reaction is a RE-action to an action towards or against you where as a response is a reply to a question or need arising from within you.

Of course, these are just my definitions of the words and it is my hope that these ideas bring you something worth contemplating for yourself.

It is most definitely an interesting and vast language we use. With the potential to be easily misunderstood, should we not choose our words carefully. Others you might like to contemplate are;

Doctor vs healer

want vs desire

existing vs living

soul vs spirit

Be YOU, there is only one.

Kylie x

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