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Lions Gate - Activation Portal 08/08/2021. Where is your power?

Lions Gate - what is it?

On 8/8 Orion’s Belt aligns with The Pyramids of Giza opening a Sirian Stargate. The Sun is in it's home sign of Leo and the star Sirius is rising in the skies - we also have the New Moon in Leo on the same day - this is such a powerful energetic time of creation.

With the activation of this Portal, stellar light will flood Plant Earth, supporting us in our upgrade to 5D consciousness and our journey of ascension.

The Earth's energy grid is expanding, allowing us to access higher states of consciousness, as we release the old programs and templates that are no longer working, and upgrade and embody the new 5D coded templates that are being activated during this time. This has been known as one of the luckiest days of the year and an opportunity to manifest your deepest desires and expand your spiritual awareness. Esoteric meaning Esoteric Astrology is looking at astrology from the Soul's point of view, it is the astrology of the Soul and transcends the 3d reality we experience and connect with through traditional or exoteric astrology.

The benefits of this are huge because it shows us a more complete picture of where we came from, where we are going and what we need to do within ourselves to get there. The main esoteric theme of this energetic period is the significance of forces from the stars Sirius and Regulus urging us to evolve. As the Higher Self to this Solar System, Sirius is the liberating force for all of us, yet it becomes even more powerful from the moment we emerge upon the third initiation - of which there are seven main steps for physical beings;

FIRST - is when we gain control of our physical body SECOND - is when we gain control of our astral body THIRD - is when we work to develop our 'Claire' skills

FOURTH - is when we understand our past lives and gain control of our external environment

FIFTH - is when we reconnect to our ancient wisdom and develop the combined control of our existence

SIXTH - is when we master our existence, meaning we learn to teleport, levitate and bilocate anywhere on Earth

SEVENTH - is when we ascend to cosmic level being able to communicate and astral travel anywhere within our Solar System

The steps beyond this become less physical in nature and more energetic until we reach Planetary Logos (but that is for a different blog post!)

Sirius represents the fourth cosmic path that a majority of us will choose after enlightenment and liberation from Earth life which is the plan for all of Humanity! The peripheral energy of the Lions Gate coincides with the second Full Moon in Leo on August 21st / 22nd - a Blue Moon - when the Sun combines with Sirius and Regulus in an alignment that provides even greater opportunity to receive this Sirian impulse.

The importance of this connection for the Soul journey is highlighted through the constellation Leo. Here the Sun which veils the zodiac sign reveals the direction for this fourth Path of initiation allowing those of us who chose at the beginning of this cycle to become more aware of our journey towards the cosmic centre, and for those that chose to exit to do so.

This fourth path – The Path To Sirius is the main choice for Humanity because we are 4th ray beings, within the 4th kingdom on the 4th globe of the 4th scheme of our Solar System. To journey, to go forth (fourth), is cosmically ingrained within us and so there is an innate compulsion towards this way of perfection, love and wisdom. Cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss are the attributes of the path ahead of us.

As you attune to this Fourth Path energy reaching us from Sirius via the Sun, you may notice the hierarchies of this specific force concealing themselves within the numbers fourteen and seventeen. All is derived from vibration, sound and mathematics and the codes within all creation reveal a lot about what you are ready to know and grow through.

Being awake to these ideas simply means paying attention and being able to see the signs, feeling the energy that accompanies it and then working with it to continue your journey.

It is time to wake up.

But what does it mean FOR ME?

The star Sirius is a fixed point in the sky on every one of our astrology charts, it sits within Cancer. Where this becomes unique for each of us is the house that Cancer rules over within our Astrology Chart, as this will be different depending on your time and place of birth. Do you know which of your houses are ruled by which of your signs? There are a lot of online free astrology chart tools where you can find this out; all you will need is your accurate date, time and place of birth. OR, you may like to order an astrology chart and reading from us; for only $11 AU you will receive a copy of you chart as well as a 6 month astrology forecast. As both Cancer and Leo are strongly linked to this Lions Gate energy - finding which houses these two signs rule over can give you a helpful indication of what areas of your life you may like to focus on at this powerful time of manifestation and growth.

House 1 - Linked to self, first impressions, appearances, beginnings, leadership, the body, our approach to life, our identity. House 2 - Linked to the material and the physical. Money, our values, daily routines, our senses, self-esteem, priorities, comfort, habits, career. House 3 - Linked to communication, friends, peers, siblings, neighbours, the mind, thought patterns, social interactions, schools and early education, local travel and community. House 4 - Linked to the home, close family, your privacy and security, your parents (Mother in particular), care and nurturing, divine feminine, motherhood and children. House 5 - Linked to playfulness, creativity, drama, romance, self-expression, fertility, fun and joy. House 6 - Linked to our health, fitness, contribution and acts of service to others, natural living, nature, pets and a sense of usefulness. House 7 - Linked to marriage and relationships, contracts, equality, partnerships, sharing, mutuality and your interpersonal style. House 8 - Linked to sex and intimacy, share finances, property and joint ventures, loans and assets, secrets and mystery and merged energies.

House 9 - Linked to the higher mind, travel, higher learning and education, your morals and ethics, inspiration, languages, optimism, philosophy, luck and risk.

House 10 - Linked to success, career, longer term goals and achievements, fame, public image, awards, authority, structure and discipline. This house is also linked to the Father figure and fatherhood, the Divine Masculine energies.

House 11 - Linked to social awareness, friends and groups of people, humanitarianism, hopes and wishes to the future, social causes, networking, invention and originality.

House 12 - Linked to endings, completions, the afterlife, solitude, karma, things that are hidden, limiting beliefs, surrender and closure. Spirituality, creativity and the arts and the subconscious mind.

Lions Gate for your Sign Our video shares with you an overview for each of the star signs and what this Lions Gate energy may reveal for you. Each star sign also has an accompanying Tarot card which has been linked to a practical idea and a chakra you may like to work with further. As always, we share with you our intuitive insights and ideas - action is where you claim your power - your choice is what you do with what is presented to you at any given time. You are a beautiful gift to this Universe - why not explore every part of who you are with love, awe and wonder.

Lions Gate Ritual

We've been within the Cosmic Lions Gate Portal for a little over a week now - If you've been feeling some BIG energies then know you're not alone. The veils between worlds are very thin and the energies of Source Creator and the Divine are merging with life here on Earth, giving us the chance to activate and awaken our crystalline DNA.

This is really a time to take stock and own your 50% of creation. This is an opportunity to rebirth, to consciously choose a new way, anchored in your light and led by your heart.

To assist you in this process, we've prepared a short ceremony for you to sit with. This can be done at any time, or for the most potency, on 8/8 at 8pm.

Lions Gate Ritual
Download PDF • 41.62MB

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