Is there something you are ready to share with the world?

Overview for the week beginning 2nd November 2020 - all ready for you to login and view this week's content. Is there something you are ready to share with the world? This week is going to be about understanding and appreciating that all of life is about expression and therefore how we chose to express ourselves represents what it is we are willing to create for ourselves. The throat chakra may be blocked and this can effect communication and may also play out in the physical body.

The card for this week is the Three of Swords. This is the heart and the mind conjoining - getting to the core of a situation through critical and logical thinking. Tread gently this week as you may be experiencing feelings of being let down, blindsided, hurt or betrayed. Be willing to stand up for and express your authenticity and your personal thoughts and opinions this week. Our weekly affirmation allows you to gently embrace this. Login now to your exclusive Soul Connections member's area to check out the full

week's astrology, card reading, affirmation and energetic overview. Now live!

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