Is seeing believing or is believing seeing?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Energetic overview for the week beginning 1st December 2020 - Login now to your member area and view the full week's content, astrology, affirmations and card reading. This week is a time to consider if there is something we have been neglecting to look at or if we need to broaden our perspective a little. Be sure to look within first and then turn your gaze outwards. This is no time for guessing.

The card for this week is the Queen Of Water. She is regal, she is feminine and she easily nurtures and embraces the emotional parts of herself. We may find ourselves too caught up in the mental to be will to allow ourselves to sink into the emotional heart space. This is a time for empathy and understanding. FEEL it! This is going to be a big month!!!! Are you ready?

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