Feeling scattered, overwhelmed or wobbly?... Find out why.

Another month, another season - the world keeps turning. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are welcoming Autumn a time of release and letting go, in the Northern Hemisphere Spring is blooming, along with it flows inspiration and excitement of your passion and what you want to grow. Our energetic overview for this week - The week beginning 1st March 2021 - Things have changed a little this week - we have launched our new Soul Connection - Monthly Guidance and Weekly Wellness for $5.50 AU per week. There are so many inclusions we have packed into this subscription - you can find out more about it here.

We are SO excited!

For existing members, you will find a new look page and some different features, you can login now to take a look! This is your week to start paying attention to what is no longer working for you and what needs a little of your attention. This energy is not about giving up... it is about recognising that there is work to do and getting clear on what that work is. The Five of Pentacles brings us a reminder to be clear on where we place our focus and not to pass by opportunities. Self fulfilling prophecies is big with this card and you are guided to take a pause before communicating and expressing yourself - gain some clarity in what you are trying to say and what you are actually asking for. For our brand new Soul Connection (full version) members - login now to your Soul Connection area to view the full week's astrology, card reading, affirmations and energetic overview. You are a beautiful gift - we hope you have an amazing week! Ebony, Kylie & Tracy x

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