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ESOTERIC LEO - courage for the Hero's Journey

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

During the time that the Sun and/or Moon spend time within the energetic aspect of Leo, we have an opportunity to work with and balance our own needs for self-expression.

It is important to note that there is a vast difference between the common exoteric view of astrology and the deeper interpretations of esoteric astrology. Where the general astrology that most people are familiar with focuses on the personality level and how a person may be influenced by the energy of the stars, esoteric astrology raises our perspective to that of the Soul and how we can understand and work with the Planets to transcend the growth opportunities they highlight for us.

The former implies that factors of life are outside of our control, the later empowers us to develop self-awareness and personal responsibility – and this is the true purpose behind the language of the stars.

The keynote for Leo is – “I Am That and That am I.”

It is within the energy of Leo that the initial awakening of the consciousness took place which was followed by the completion of mass consciousness within the sign of Cancer. This was the beginning of the birthing of Humanity into individuality and although we began focused on the intelligence and functional personality of oneself, we are now at a point that the collectively is more self-aware and therefore more sensitive to perceiving a greater scope of our reality.

The constellation Leo

Again, Leo was the beginning of this birthing in July 2020 and now, 6 months collective consciousness is catching up.

Behind the active form that we are, lies a steadily evolving awareness which combines instinct, intelligence and intuition that is responding to our environment and ultimately now, choosing what to create as our new reality.

The symbol for Leo is the Lion – the “King of the Jungle” - a symbol of leadership, courage and the power of persuasion, however, as we reach this point of personal growth and evolution, the impulse to control others will become redirected toward self-control, self-development and personal responsibility. This is an awareness of the ego with which the Leo energy identifies but that also offers the opportunity for us to transcend the ego rather than relate to it – to self-recognise and uphold personal values rather than give over to ego and that need for acknowledgement and applause, which tends to be for the approval and appeasement of the ideals of others rather than ourselves.

King of the jungle

This shift allows us to cultivate an inner sense of personal leadership and courage inspired by the desire to do good, right and true in service of others. In this state, egotism is replaced by a sense of purpose and deeper meaning.

In this current global atmosphere of fear, courage is a rare commodity that requires cultivating with diligence.

The time of the Hero’s Journey is now… and YOU are the hero!

Through this evolutionary goal for humanity, we are learning to redirect forces of expression from the lower energy centres to the higher ones - at the point of certain initiations: Sacral to throat, solar plexus to heart and base to crown. The solar plexus is the “lion’s lair”, where the wild, rampaging lion of powerful personality dwells – king of the beasts. The developed Leo who rules over himself, raises those forces to the heart where the lion must emerge from its lair and lead the self-centred Leo consciousness into the selfless Aquarian awareness.

It is worth noting that the etymology of the word courage is derived from the French word for heart – couer or corage – meaning “heart, innermost feelings, spirit, temperament, state of mind, valor, quality of mind which enables one to meet danger and trouble without fear. Words for “heart” also commonly are metaphors for inner strength … bold, courage, “brave heart.”

Leo in its consciousness is the dominant self-aware agent … as the advanced Soul connection emerges, one will be distinguished by their personal freedom from outside control, knowing innately that they are "king" or ruler over themselves and little by little we become more sensitive to the needs of others - feeling the burden of human suffering and our responsibility to do something about it.

It is becoming clear to many that there must be a spiritual aspect to the way we choose to live our lives because it is now obvious that we are much more than meets the eye. As this Full Moon takes place in Leo on January 28th, 2021 the energy continues to usher us towards the opportunities, we need to perceive our personal limitations, to seek courage and to find ways to express our authentic self.

As “the great illusion” of separation continues to be exposed and the unity is realised, evolution demands that individuality remains and as this particular Moon takes place not only on the Leo / Aquarius axis, but also within the New Age of Aquarius, the realisation of a greater plan and a greater story can be recognised as two aspects of the same mutual existence – individualism and inclusion.

Unity is coming

In esoteric astrology, Aquarius governs the collective consciousness and Leo is governed by the Sun. Through 3 levels of awareness Leo energy will continue to bring light to our readiness for a rebirth into the next level of awareness. From the personality which connects to our physical Sun, to the Soul which connects to the Galactic Sun, to existence or God-realisation which connects to the Great Central Sun – each life aspect offers a story of transcending the shadow of serving self to illuminating ourselves from within with a view of the bigger picture.

The Sun is a portal of energetic connection to transcending the ego personality. Take time to gaze at it, bathe in it and appreciate the light it is offering you.

Kylie x

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” - Nelson Mandela
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