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EGO CHECK: the Good, the Not So Good and the Unexplored

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Look out for these five different Ego habits...

If you’re human, you have an Ego.

This amazing tool (the EGO) is like a program we have running within our data system processing the ways we perceive and interact with the world. It is the process through which we make decisions, preserve our self-esteem and uphold our personal boundaries. A healthy and balanced ego is our means for looking out for ourselves, maintaining our values and essentially being able to feel good about who we are.

But what about when your ego starts flexing its muscles just a little too much?

What about when we give the ego just a little too much power and control?

This can result in what is called ‘an inflated ego’ and although you may not even be aware of it, it can be damaging to your personal growth as well as your psychological and emotional health.

Identifying key points and egocentric triggers can help you become aware of the role your ego is currently playing in your life. Knowing some of the major ego traits that can shift your ego into hyperdrive can help you work through and soothe some unhealthy habits before they bury themselves in too deep.

Here are a few habits to look out for.

1 - A need to be right over a preference for peace - This is a case of choosing your battles based on what really matter to you… NOT to your ego. Sometimes it’s okay to back down… it doesn’t mean you have to agree or change your point of view and in comparison, you should understand that others don’t need to change their point of view either. We cannot control what others think and that includes the way others perceive things.

If you can’t let something go perhaps you need to assess whether or not your boundaries have been crossed or your values compromised. If this isn’t the case, then it may be that your ego is being triggered.

Which brings us to…

2 - Being overly defensive -It is one thing to speak up for yourself and to say your piece, but when you are flaring up over small things for no logical reason, then ego may be hijacking your emotions.

What are you defending? Your vulnerabilities? Your false ego-self? Your truth? What would happen if you considered a contrasting point of view?

Many of us walk around assuming that people either love us or hate us… but these are both ego positions. When you step away from this polarity view, you might be surprised at how helpful and thought-provoking conversations with others can be. Withholding judgement allows the ego to relax so that we can feel more secure where we are, and this comes by just listening to understand rather than to respond.

This leads us to number 3…

3 - Stop interrupting and start listening! - Your opinions are not always required… you don’t always have to share your insights, ideas and experiences on every given topic of conversation. Sometimes the most powerful and intelligent thing you can do is to listen and observe.

If you find yourself struggling to hold your tongue about things that don’t really concern you, then maybe ego is feeling inferior or superior in some way. Remember, we all have value and purpose, and we are all on our own journey. As much as you don’t want the opinions of others without asking for it, you can be sure that others aren’t interested in your opinion either.

And so…

4 – Be brave enough to admit you’re wrong when you’re wrong - and compassionate enough to apologise when you overstep your bounds.

We all have boundaries and whether or not we agree with them, we should practice respecting journeys and choices of others as much as we would appreciate the same level of compassion and respect for our own.

Sincere apologies create bonds of understanding and mutuality that don’t require two people to think or be the same. There is nothing more egocentric than someone digging in the heels or arguing when a meaningful apology is all that is required to calm a moment.

Which makes this next point rather important.

5 - Beware of internal dialogue that switches into extreme monologue - This mode is when ego is really taking over. Social cues are being ignored, eye contact is lost and you raise your voice to be heard over everyone else.

True conversations are equally about speaking, listening and observing. When you feel less compelled to hear the other person/people and are instead using that time to work out what you are going to say next, it may be time to check where your ego energy is at.

The first step in recognising your current relationship with your ego is awareness – you need to become aware of when your ego is trying to flex its muscles so that you can recognise how present and easily triggered your ego is and then learn to soothe it before it gets too riled up.


Try our quiz – EGO EMOTIONS: You or Ego QUIZ to find out who is in control – You or Ego. Are you living in balance with your ego? Who is running the show?

When we recognise and understand the role and perspective of the ego, we can feel more empowered to reclaim the energy that we have spent years projecting outwards.

Start by considering the following concepts, answer these questions to find out just how present your ego is in your life.

This exercise should be done when you feel calm, peaceful and present so as not to act as a trigger to any ego pain you may be carrying.

Enter your name and email address at the end of the quiz to receive more details about how you can work with your Ego, understand more about your results and what you can do to bring more balance into your life.


The world around you is an amazing teacher of how balanced, at ease and aware you are of the ego aspect of yourself.

If you feel like you are ready to consciously take a journey like this, we are here for you.

Check out our Soul Connection and come home to who you are. Soul Connection is a membership for you and your beautiful soul to reconnect and remember your relationship with Nature and the Universe through aligning your mind, heart, spirit and body. Take a journey with us.

We’ll see you there.



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