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Energetic overview for the week beginning 25th January 2021 - Login now to your member area and view the full week's content, astrology, affirmations and card reading. We have the full moon in Leo on the 28th which encourages us to seek balance between the ego and the Soul - our inner being and our outer expression. This can be a powerful moment of integration and healing if you are willing to go there. You can read more about the esoteric influences of Leo in our most recent blog. Another Four card this week; the number four represents stability and security - whether we feel that or lack that will be up to us. The Four Of Cups invites us to be open to looking deeper into our relationships and being more tolerant and understanding of ourselves and others. Don't take things too personally this week. Login now to your view this week's Soul Connections member's area to view the full

week's astrology, card reading, affirmations and energetic overview. Now live! Remember we are always here when you feel you are ready for more. If you haven't yet joined Soul Connections, you can do so for free here. You are a beautiful gift x

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