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December 2020 Solstice

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

One of the biggest alignments and cosmic shifts within our Universe – the shifting of ages into Aquarius and the conjunction of the two biggest planets within our Solar System is taking place during this December 21st 2020 Solstice.

With this involvement of the two major planets, Jupiter and Saturn, we can expect for this year to truly go out with a bang!

Both these planets carry elements of the Father figure and as the Divine feminine seeks a path for emerging into a more dominant space within our collective field, you may be noticing issues arising surrounding these topics and pointing you towards what needs to be healed within you.

Typically, Jupiter says “yes” with a desire and hopefulness for your success, whilst Saturn says “no” with an undertone of tough love and it being for your own good. During this event however, we have the opportunity to create big intentions and set plans for great visions and ideals that bring the optimism and hope into our challenges and allow us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes of the past and grow, essentially healing all that ails us.

This is a great shift into a new age that is considered a time when humanity will take back control of the Earth and our destiny bringing the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness. Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with technology, democracy, freedom, idealism, rebellion, nonconformity, perseverance and humanity.

As all feelings are attached to our intuition, the healing is in the feeling and within this Solstice energy we literally have the opportunity to ‘come to our senses’ and use our intuition to set grand intentions for change and for cultivating our ideal life. So take realistic, planned out steps (Saturn), toward empowered growth (Jupiter), and direct these changes towards social idealism for all of Humanity as the driving force through this transition is not about accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment - rather it's about influencing the world and its future with meaningful, positive, lasting change.

So it’s important that you feel where you are and own all of it… no matter what “it” is! The best way to work with the universe is to accept that what causing resistance within you, is doing so for a reason and the way out of it is to recognise that we are acting out of alignment with our true nature, so just flow with it.

This is definitely a time for celebration as the sun, the solar centre of our celestial system and the light connection to our own Soul-ar system within align and allows an in pouring of light, energy and knowledge that may create transformational healing.

But… its up to you to tune into this energy and claim these expanded levels of awareness.

What do you want your future to look like? Kylie x We bring you an online experience to fully embody this energetic time of the Solstice. See more about our upcoming Solstice event here – Celebrate Your Light!

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