Can you see what isn't working?

Energetic overview for the week beginning 18th January 2021 - Login now to your member area and view the full week's content, astrology, affirmations and card reading. The Sun lights up Aquarius this week and we will be energetically called to respond with our own ideals and let go of the rest. A yearning for new perspectives and ideals come with this energy also. The card this week is the Four of Wands; asking us to remember to have a little bit of fun and to celebrate ourselves and the work we have done. Trust yourself and what motivates you. Login now to your view this week's Soul Connections member's area to view the full

week's astrology, card reading, affirmations and energetic overview. Now live! Remember we are always here when you feel you are ready for more. If you haven't yet joined, you can do so for free here. You are a beautiful gift x

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