Be renewed by Love!

Our energetic overview for this week - The week beginning 22nd March 2021 Venus plays in Aries this week igniting a sense of joyous renewal, connection and adoration within one or many aspects of our lives. This placement allows us to plant seeds of purpose from a place of wholeness and unconditional love for self, life and everything in between. Sparking the ultimate in positive potential of our combined Mind, Heart, and Spirit - this week, more than any other, encourages us to make the changes that we are so ready for.

The Full Moon on the 28th in Libra asks us to listen to our hearts and herald our feelings before making any firm choices. This Full Moon is known as the Worm Moon and brings with it the need to balance and feel harmonious. Notice the Yin and the Yang of this time.

The Four Of Swords is the card for this week - there is no need to rush in. Listen to what your heart and your body are telling you. There is the possibility of becoming stuck in inaction as we feel fearful of what 'might' happen. Just because something has happened once, is no guarantee of it happening again.

Open your heart with this week's affirmation, use twice daily upon waking and before going to bed of an evening - or as often as you like through each day. You are ready! If you are already a Soul Connection FREE Lite member - login here to access the full week's content. You are a beautiful gift - we hope you have an amazing week! Ebony, Kylie & Tracy x

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