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Are you receiving Angel Messages?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Do you know what your primary vibration is?

What gift… what Angelic light you are holding within you and shining out into the world?

It is true that angels walk among us in many forms. Some connected to Earth, some personally guiding us and some overseeing humanity and the Earth as a whole.

These are the Magnificent Archangels… the messengers and devotees to The Oneness and the Source of love/light. By the Law of Creation, The Oneness formed the trinity – 3 vibrant rays of creation that each exhibit the qualities and virtues necessary to uphold the law of Oneness. To carry these rays of energy to Earth, the Archangels each embodied one of these qualities and spread the energies across the planet.

From these three rays, emerged the 7 ray spectrum that creates all life here on Earth – just as the three primary colours bring forward the 7 colours of the rainbow.

We each carry one of these primary rays within us as a dominant quality and each ray is carried by an Archangel, an energy bearer of conscious creation in service to all life.

Ray 1 is the blue ray of Will, evoking divine purpose.

Ray 2 is the yellow ray of Love, expressing divine quality.

Ray 3 is the pink or red ray of Intellect, as the reflector of the Intuition.

These are the watchers and the guardians of our world.

You have your personal, Guardian Angels with you always but, throughout certain moments of your life, the Archangels of these primary rays can become more present to you as they oversee these different aspects of Humanity and of life.

So, who might be near you and wanting to share their wisdom with you in this moment? Well… take our short quiz to find out.

Tune into your heart and bring light the answers that most resonate with you.

Once you are aware of who is present for you, you can more easily connect with that presence and take steps to invoke more of their insight, power and love to improve your life, grow spiritually and help bring more light to this Earth.

Each Archangel has a tangible presence that can become a comfort to you whenever you call on them.

Take this 2-Minute Archangel Quiz to Discover which Archangel may be connecting with you to share their message... And find the Secret of Unlocking Their Power

When you finish answering the questions you will:

  • Find out which of the primary ray Archangels is close to you.

  • Discover the attributes that connect you to that Archangel and how to use them.

  • Learn the ways to recognise the magnificent presence of these beings.

  • Receive your Angel Messages invitation to become more attuned to receiving inner guidance and divine inspiration in your life.

Ebony, Kylie & Tracy x You are a beautiful gift 🌹

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