Our seasonal online retreats and online wellness programs offer you connection, togetherness and belonging in times of isolation, stress and separation.





So, what are we working with?

Consider the Spirit as the Sun… It shines no matter what. Whether we see it or not, feel it or not. Whether it is shadowed by clouds or on the other side of the Earth… it shines.

Consider thoughts to be like the wind… Sometimes there are gentle breezes and things feel nice and calm. Other times there are gusts or hurricanes or the perfect storm and everything in it’s path is affected.

Consider emotions to be like the water… There are oceans that connect to rivers and streams. Some water crashes like waves, some water trickles unnoticed in underground caverns, but it always moves, flows and follows the path of least resistance.

Consider the physical body to be like the solid ground… It is at the mercy of the Sun, the wind and the water. What grows upon it, blows upon it and flows upon it influences the very structure and condition of its existence.


The seasons offer us a way to understand the cycles and phases of life.

Like all things in nature, your Spirit, thoughts, emotions and physical body are evolving in cycles. From the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, you are connected to these cycles and as the seasons see differences in the ways the Sun, wind and water interacts with the earth, the cycles of change can help you understand the relationships between each of these parts of yourself.

By using your awareness along with some simple mindfulness tools and practices, you can turn the revolving cycles of “been here before”, repetitive thoughts, feelings and experiences into evolving cycles that reconnect you with your Soul self.

No matter where you are along you journey, we all benefit when we share and uplift each other by witnessing and appreciating the journeys of others.

© 2021 by Embody Nadora.

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