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Let’s get back to nature.

Let’s reconnect with our own rhythm.

Image by Zoltan Tasi


Did you know that honouring the Moon, it’s cycles and it’s power has long been a sacred practice within many cultures?

Rituals which create harmony between us, and the phases of the moon that influence the growth or decline of all life on Earth originated in ancient Egypt, Babylonia, India and China.

These rituals and practices bring out our primal connection to the natural world which many of our energies crave within this modern, screen/technology-based way of life.

What we offer here is a successful combination of right and left-brain energy; the mystical and the practical, spirit and science – this is life coaching, healing, magic and manifestation all rolled into one – guided by the governing Moon energy and powered by your intention.


We are all interconnected – not only with one another, but with every phenomenon in nature… including the Moon.

This is a private group, there is no catch and no cost required... just a commitment to grow and share in a like minded group of people ready to learn how to manifest with the moon and live a life more in sync with our environment.

This is not wishes and wondering... we keep it real!

We share regularly moon rituals and practices; actionable steps, and our own experiences and practices. This is an offering of unlimited tips, tricks and insights of which you can join in as often as you like...

Join Moon Crew today.

We will share time and practices with you to help you realise your connection to the greater sense of things, through which, you will step into your power and live as the deepest, fullest, most authentic version of yourself…

Cycles within Cycles

Besides the sun, the moon is the most visual aspect of the celestial Universe that we can witness.


More than that however, the Moon shows us contrast and balance between dark and light, and so we use these cycles to understand the light and shadows within ourselves.


Our monthly guidance membership, Soul Offering, is the embodiment of this understanding... the waking up, the stepping in, and the arrival of our Souls presence along our journey of self discovery.

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