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Heart Coherence

I love you

I am listening

When you say these words to yourself, do you feel the subtle shift in your body?

Do you feel yourself surrender into your own vulnerability?


Return home to your Heart  and awaken the powerful essence of  your Highest Self that is ready to heal yourself, and the planet.

Your heart is a powerful portal to the depths of knowing and inner-standing that which has laid dormant for too long. You are being called to step into your power and own your 50% of life's creation story.

"Deep in the unknown, I found my heart. I found my light." - Ebony Zander



Right NOW... we are inviting select participants to experience a returning to their inner most selves like never before. Our journey on Earth began somewhere and we each chose to be here at this time, for a reason.

Will you choose to answer the call?


Heart Coherence is a practice to realign you with your centre and the authentic essence of who you are.

This is a FREE session with Ebony, available to a select few at any one time.

Registration is currently open to women around Australia.

If you are outside Australia you are still welcome to register to be considered for future intakes.

This offer is for women who are ready to own their journey, embody their story and put into practice personal principles that will allow you to move beyond any external limitations by learning to connect with yourself on a quantum level.

All sessions are done online via zoom and require internet connection, headphones and a willingness to devote a few hours of time to yourself and this process.

When you know the calling of your Soul, the reason you came to Earth, you can embrace the complete power of who you are and stand confidently in your authentic Truth.

It is time!

If you feel called to be a part of this Divine project, and

and return home to your Heart, Soul, and most authentic essence, register below.


The Heart and Spirit are not bound by time or space. Align and harmonise mind, body and soul to activate your Highest potential and raise your vibration to the highest frequencies of love and crystalline light.


Your Heart is waiting for you to remember who you truly are.

Leave your details below
to register.

TAW Rego Form

What’s involved?...

This is a heart centring process to return you to a state of Heart Coherence. Through each experience, lesson, test and season of your life you’ve withstood the shakes and wobbles and are here and ready to return all parts of yourself back to your centre, back to your core. To return to this place allows for a full realignment and recalibration of your energy centres, activating each part of you and bringing you back online as a channel between the Earth below and Cosmos above.

The opportunity takes you through a practice of Heart Coherence, strengthening your energy field and aligning your Human Self with your Highest Self. This is a FREE service to those accepted participants willing to step forward and take responsibility for their life and their healing journey.

Nothing is outside of you; this is a step on your journey to return within.

Ebby Heart.jpg

My most profound journey in this lifetime has been the pilgrimage home to my heart. It’s not always been pretty, in fact it’s through the portal of grief that I’ve truly come to find those parts of myself that I knew were missing but didn’t know where to find them.

The path to remembering who we really are can feel lonely, but you are never truly alone, there is a team of allied beings waiting for you to call on them for help at any time you need – Nadora included.

I have spent many years exploring and practicing different healing modalities and have found that the most beneficial, simple, lasting and life changing method is to simply go within. I am passionate about assisting and guiding others to take this personal time, rather than looking outside of themselves… we already have all of the answers within us, we just need to choose to listen."

Ebony Zander

Complete the registration form above to be a part of this Divine project, and discover more about your Authentic Self.

This experience goes much deeper than a simple heart coherence practice and is designed to reconnect you to your inner most self, aligning you to your true essence so you can create the life you desire.


The Divine energy is waiting for you to rediscover it within yourself.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

The heart's intelligence is independent of the brain, it holds all that is innate within us, that which we have forgotten from own disconnection of self and incoherence.

A pilgrimage of our own heart
is remembering
what it is we are here to do.

How It Works?...


The heart communicates via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways that influence the brain and cellular body.

Heart Coherence is the harmonious synchronisation of Mind, Body and Soul. It occurs when we’re in a Delta Brainwave state, a frequency between 0-4 hz. This state allows us to access our subconscious mind, decreasing our awareness of our physical world and taking us through a portal into what has been forgotten. 

Coming back into heart coherence allows our body, on every level, the opportunity to heal, by connecting deeply within our own being and re-programming our cells with codes of love and light of the highest vibration. By aligning and activating all parts of yourself, from the inside out, you can then choose to re-pattern the old stories and end all energetic suffering, empowering you to step into your life with gratitude, love and compassion.

There are many ways we can come back to coherence, but it does take a commitment to change and dedication to self-practice. Remember, this is about you and for you. You are here and you are ready.

Image by nine koepfer

"As each season changes, I see changes within myself.

Regression, growth, questioning.

It doesn’t matter, change will always exist. My heart, my soul, there lies truth.

Truth for me to return to, when I’ve forgotten everything else."


Image by Yaoqi

Regardless of how trapped or unaware you may feel… Irrespective of how many times you have tried or not tried, no method of healing can ever be permanent without creating a firm foundation within the multilayers of your being.

Let’s work together to shift your suffering, transform your life and come back into ‘Heart Coherence.’

You don’t have to suffer through every part of your life. In fact, you don’t have to suffer at all! 

Heart Coherence



Registration into this process is 100% FREE however, I only work with small select groups at any one time and there are a few conditions of acceptance.


To find out if you are eligible, please complete your registration form.


Why is it FREE?...


My own journey has led me here, to the deepest depths of my heart… so to share with others is where I feel called to best be in service in this current world. Each and every one of us has the power to create what it is we want in life, but we must be aligned with not only ourselves but the greater cycles and rhythms of life; we must unite and harmonise with ALL that is as ultimately, we are ONE.


To be in a state of Heart Coherence is to be… ONE.



If eligible, you will receive an email requesting that you make a booking for your

30-45 minute

‘Welcome’ zoom meeting within which we will take some time to have a casual chat and get to know one another. I will take you through a short Heart Coherence Meditation and you can ask any questions that you may have.

By the end of this time, if we both feel that this is the right process for you and that we are a good fit to work together, we will be able to schedule your ‘Heart Coherence’ session.


After this introductory session, you will receive an email with our contract agreement and confirmation of your next appointment.


As you await your session, feel free to contact me with any other questions. 



When we meet on the day of your session, we begin by setting the intention to openly work together along with your Highest Self.

We will connect directly with your Heart Space using the power of intention and prayer and activate all of your main energy centres (Chakras) within your energetic body.

From here, you will be led through a process to deeply embody the awakened and activated light energy that flows through your physical temple, allowing the integration process to be smooth and uplifting.

Returning grounded, light and centred, you will feel a refreshing sense of calm as you continue on your journey of self-connection and discovery.



After your session, we will take some time to discuss and debrief what you have uncovered and integrate the information you feel prepared to hold onto.

At this point we will make an action plan based on based how you are feeling and what you are drawn to do next. You will walk away feeling more aligned, connected and clear on where you are going and what steps you need to take.


I also have a


to share with you.

Over the following days, you are free to ask any follow up questions as I process your session for publication after which time, a recording of your session will be made available to you.

“We each hold the answers we seek within ourselves. We move through life experiencing so that we can see and feel the polarities in existence. To remember who we are and re-create ourselves. To go within and reflect out who and what we want to be”

Ebony Zander

At the core of ourselves, we hold all the answers to every question we’ve ever asked. Through the journey of remembering our true essence and Soul Purpose we liberate any and all ties that have kept us bound to un-serving programs. These walls are ready to crumble and you are ready to walk yourself home.

Through ‘Heart Coherence’ we can intentionally return our awareness to our inner most self, building deep trust and connection to who we are as our most authentic selves and clear the way for the healing as we awaken the beautiful gift of the Divine within us.


"Surrender, the thoughts, the feelings, the sensations.

Surrender, the old beliefs, the limitations, the walls.

Surrender, control, worry, fear. Surrender, into discomfort, into the unknown. into your heart.


Surrender, mind, body, soul."


Ebony Zander

Registration is always OPEN and

you will be notified by email of your progression to the next stage.

Currently selecting women from around Australia for this group intake.

All registrations will be kept for future consideration unless otherwise requested.

© 2021 by Embody Nadora.

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