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embody your authentic soul
return home to who you are

Nourishing the Soul and Elevating Your Experience
Explore Our Holistic Well-Being Services and Aligned Business Offers
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Embody Nadora Signature Services

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Ebony Zander

Devotion to choosing,

each day,

to return to love, and

to align with your Highest Self.

Rituals and Ceremonies designed to support you in coming back into alignment with your Highest Self as you return home to your heart.

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Just As I Am

Where life and business is an artform and sanctuary for the feminine soul - to create, embody, express and restore.

Embodied living and rhythmic business practices to untether from the unnatural tempo of hustle and redefine the feminine flow of success.


TLee Designs

Empowering visionary women through design to manifest your visions, and create brand authentic resonance.

Boutique website, branding and design for soul-led women who are levelling up the way they express themselves through their business.


Connecting and cultivating a community,

of women who are learning to live through the heart and express their soul.

Collaborations and joint ventures that welcome and celebrate women at all stages of their journey and thrive in the diverse, collective energy.

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Desire More Then One?...

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You can curate a unique service bundle across all of our listed services by purchasing a service package. Follow the link, (LINK to curation page) select your desired package, add any other notes or inclusions and book your services using your unique booking code.

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Let's Collaborate...

If you have a business that aligns with our mission of holistic well-being, personal growth, and empowerment, we would love to explore collaboration opportunities. Let's join forces to create a collective space that empowers, inspires, and nurtures the beautiful souls within our community. 

Reach out to us (LINK to collaboration page) with details about your business, offerings, and how you envision collaborating with Embody Nadora. Together, we can create a harmonious journey for soul-led women seeking a holistic approach to life and business.

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