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Create Change Masterclass

Have you ever wondered why you feel restricted by limitations that don’t fit your heart's true desire?

Why you feel bound by relationships, situations and experiences that don’t match what you know… somewhere deep in your Soul, you were destined for?

You are a woman who lives within the infinite!

Why are you hiding?
Why are you trying to confine yourself within walls that were never built for you?

This online Masterclass includes;

- unlimited access to workshop recording

- downloadable pdf workbook

- meditation recording

Lifetime access - FREE for your beautiful journey.

Image by Ann Savchenko
You know there is something inside of you yearning to be unleashed.

You feel it deep within – not all the time…
but it is there…
whispering a reminder to you in moments of stillness.

And we know it’s there too… because you are here!

What is holding you back?

Image by Dewang Gupta

You keep attracting the same types of people, situations and experiences into your life.

You keep pretending that you are satisfied with life the way it is…

But yet for some reason… you just don’t feel complete.

There is something missing… some small space within you that is still seeking fulfilmentexpansionfreedom!


FREEDOM to be yourself, to be seen, heard, and accepted for everything that is in your heart…

for everything that is within you to become.

Image by Miguel Bruna

You are meant for the

And some part of you knows that this extraordinary Magick exists for you
- within you -
… if you could only remember how to embody it.


This part of you yearns to be the powerful creator of your destiny… 

To manifest the changes you are ready for…

And to step into the life that you most desire and deserve.

This part of you is your “something extraordinary” and it is big, beautiful and unique to you.


Why don’t you feel like you have it? Why isn’t it yours?

Why isn't life unfolding for you? – at least not in the way that you imagined it?

What is blocking your way forward?

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Throughout our many years of supporting people with our CREATE CHANGE MASTERCLASS, we know that one of the biggest barriers to allow the flow of Magick – more loving relationships, more joyous experiences, more vibrant health, more abundant success, more freedom, empowerment and fulfilment deep within you - is recognising that this change begins within you, it's knowing how to free yourself from the restrictive, false ideas that hold you back and weigh you down and its learning how to stay in that space as you navigate the ups, the downs and the wobbles that you will face along the road to embodying change as your true nature.

We have found that if you keep reflecting change from the outside world, then true and lasting change from within will elude you… and change from within is all we ever really have power over.

Image by Laura Chouette

Creating Change

from within Creates Magick and allows it to flow.

Change perspective…

change your point of view…

change your mind…

And everything changes!


It starts with you

Your Reality starts with you — you know that already, you’ve been creating your life for a long time, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.


It's All You

You don’t need someone to rescue you or do the work for you. You’re not looking to put your head in the sand and pretend that your dreams and desires don’t exist… because you know it wouldn’t work… this feeling won’t just go away.


It's within you

You know it’s got to come from within you. And you know that you have what it takes. 

You can feel it!

What you're seeking is HOW?!

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Recognition of Change


How do you recognise the changes you are ready for?
Image by Kinga Cichewicz
Image by Kinga Cichewicz
And when you find your rhythm… how do you integrate that flow into daily life so that you can return to this place of passion, desire and empowerment faster and faster every time you wobble off your path?


Image by Javier Allegue Barros
Image by Javier Allegue Barros


When you find it… how do you hold onto the magical power and passion that is driving you to make the changes?
Image by joshua yu
Image by joshua yu


When you feel that you are ready for more but aren’t sure what “more” looks like, because it is just a feeling… how do you find where to begin?


Accept that inspiration to change something is just the first step.

Now is your moment to ACT!


Image by Paul Talbot

We will show you:

  • Meaningful ideas and benefits for going deeper into your awareness.

  • How to identify what is blocking your way in any area of your life.

  • Profound relationships between your inner state of presence and your outer world.

  • The reasons to reconnect with mind, heart, spirit and body.

  • Ways to witness your own growth as a means of healing.

  • The freedom of owning your journey through life and embracing where you are.

  • Beneficial awareness of your unique empowerment trigger.

Go within to:

  • Transcend your suffering and heal the core wounds that create blocks in your life. 

  • Recognise what has been holding you back from feeling free.

  • Tune into the frequency of unconditional love and acceptance of yourself as you honour your own needs.

  • Become a master of your inner world, free of stress and worry.

  • Be fulfilled by the joy of knowing that you are living the life that you want to live – no matter what.

  • Embody the extraordinary magic that you are and allow this natural flow to guide you forward.

If you don’t change your perspective – your conscious point of view – nothing changes.

In order to have a new reality, you have to have a new way of thinking. 

In order to change what you are experiencing in life, you have to change what you are doing.

And not just for a short moment… consistently.

In order to experience change in your life you have to practice consistently.

Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences.

letter to self.png

So that you can find the bridge between your inner and outer reality, to become conscious of both, to make choices that meet the needs of both…


To fully awaken you to the power that already exists within you - to integrate the changes you are ready for and master the experience of creating life as you want it to be…


This process can be revealing and challenging, but also extremely rewarding and empowering as you uncover the keys to unlocking a whole new perspective on life.

This foundational masterclass for cultivating an unwavering sense of personal readiness, responsibility, self-love and universal trust in who you are and what life you are worthy of living. 


It’s about creating foundations for reconnecting to the various layers of your life so that you can recognise barriers, initiate healing and feel free to live the life you truly want.


It’s the revelation of a new path, a new choice and a new relationship between your mind, heart and spirit here within your physical body.

It's   opening the door to a new way of living life.

Through this FREE masterclass we offer you transformational, life changing content that will show you not only what is missing in your life, but where to begin in reclaiming it for yourself, how to maintain your momentum and most importantly, why this empowered connection is exactly what you need to get your life back on track and feel more joy and excitement in every moment by realising that all the power and magic is already within you.

 We all arrive at a moment at some point in our lives in which we know we are ready for something more…


Purpose… growth… change… connection…

You may not know exactly what that is or what it looks like… but you know that it is there... within you.


If this feels familiar to you and if you feel genuinely ready to deepen your personal awareness and empower yourself to live the life you are really here to live…


JOIN US today to Create Change.


This introductory MASTERCLASS condenses over 52 years of combined experience in the holistic revelations for mind, heart, spirit and body to initiate you into a cohesive system for clearing the mind, opening the heart, balancing the body and awakening the spirit so that you can step into your present life with innerstanding, joy and purpose.


Witness yourself begin to break down actions, move through emotions and step away from unhealthy patterns of thought whilst simultaneously rebuilding your sense of empowerment and passion for life.


The acknowledgment of your presence will bring you in touch with precisely where you are so that together, we can clear blockages, hesitations and fears to make way for the beautiful unfolding of a new, healthier and more balanced way of life.

Or ready for something MORE?

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