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Animal Allies

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Connection | Nature | Strength


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A time, not so long ago, we were living completely at one with the natural world... COMPLETELY at one. We followed the animals as they moved with the Earth's seasons, we understood the truth of sustainability, of taking only what we needed and of revering, honouring and respecting the land, air and water.

We understood the significance of the smallest ant and how it linked to us and our tribe... When the ants moved home, we knew rain was coming, when the ducks took flight, we knew seasons were changing; when the deer fled, when the wolves howled, when the kangaroo rested, when the frogs appeared.. we knew. We lived it, we survived, and we thrived alongside of it all.

We learnt from our elders, who learnt it from theirs and we taught this to our children. It was cyclical, it was whole, it was real. And it is something we have lost touch with.

However, our connection was never lost, just our awareness of it. Our connection to the Earth, to nature and the animals is very much around us, all the time. We want to bring you back to this space, a space of appreciation and willingness to 'see' again. To feel the heartbeat of Gaia and to be okay and ready and willing to ask for guidance and assistance as you need and then, to be open and ready to accept the messages as they come through.

Energy is within us and around us, always - it flows and changes form, it cannot be created or destroyed - it merely shifts from one state to another. Tapping into this every present source of energy is available to everyone, at all times. This month we share a way to connect to the energy of our guardian Gaia and the wisdom, solace, creativity and love of all her creatures.

Using the power of your animal allies allows you to embody the different strengths they possess - allows you to take on different viewpoints and ideas and to consider ways of doing things and handling situations in natural, harmonious ways.

Knowing that you are never, every truly along can be a comforting concept for all of us. And trusting yourself to be able to call in the help, support, guidance you need, when you need it is empowering.

Take a journey with us... 


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