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Understanding Astrology

7 steps

Awareness | Embodiment | Self


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Self understanding - why is it important? Why do we talk so much about it and place so much importance on it... well - let's look at things a little differently.

When you buy a new washing machine; do you want to understand it's energy rating, it's water use, how many clothes can it hold, how long does it take to do a load, will it be able to handle my delicates appropriately as well as the tough grass stains from soccer training, how long will it last if I use it everyday, will it break down within 12 months. You get the idea...

Not all of this information will be on the advertisement when you buy it, but it is all things that are valuable and knowledge that will help you get the most effective use out of your purchase.

So, why are we not as comfortable questioning ourselves, recognising the different parts of ourselves, giving time to delve into our strengths and weaknesses and asking ourselves the universally important question WHY? more and more often?

Doesn't it make sense that we would want to make the most out of this life and this existence by knowing every part of what makes us up, how we can squeeze every inch of joy and love out of our journey. To completely give ourselves over to the experience of living. To feel and see beauty in all parts of ourselves and to see that connection of these parts of ourselves in all others.

We were born with a map (of sorts) the moment we took our first breath, we had our very own unique imprint right there in the stars. Astrology and star signs have long been attributed to stereotypical traits and pigeon holes and this is mainly due to the fact that what you read in the magazine or newspaper is determined by every one of us being categorised into one of the 12 zodiac signs.

Here are some typical links to each sign that may sound familiar

Aries - Hot headed

Taurus - Stubborn

Gemini - Overthinker

Cancer - Too sensitive

Leo - Loud

Virgo - Controlling

Libra - Indecisive

Scorpio - Secretive

Sagittarius - Arrogant

Capricorn - Proud

Aquarius - Aloof

Pisces - Unrealistic

These are just words and these words are just what someone has decided your Sun Sign represents about you. But you are more than your Sun Sign. Your unique map gave you SO MUCH more. It gave you the position of every planet and the Moon, and where each of these stellar bodies where travelling through the zodiac at the exact moment your life began. 

Your Sun brings you the forward facing parts of yourself, who you are when you first meet people. The Moon brings you the softer, inner parts of yourself - the ones you may not show everyone. Your Ascending Sign (or Rising Sign) (that is the constellation that was on the horizon at the time of your birth) brings you perhaps the deepest opportunity of self understanding. As your Ascending Sign is your truest self, it is your potential and can show you where you are heading in this lifetime.

And that is just a glimpse. Your astrology chart shows you your Life houses and the position of planets in these houses, bringing to you the available knowledge to understand what areas of life you may find challenged in and reasons why other areas of your life are flowing and easy. Self understanding brings you freedom to choose - it let's you recognise the different and beautiful ways you do things, ways you see things, absorb things, react to things... and once you understand that this is why... you are, from that moment, empowered... because you KNOW, it isn't your fault, it is actually by design. Your map is in the stars, we have just been told that we only need page 1. 


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