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Touch The Sky

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Soul | Presence | Spirit


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We are only ever here, in this present moment. We get to choose what we notice, what we become fixated on, what we see, hear, interact with again and again.

This is a month for us to further comprehend and accept personal responsibility for this concept in a deeper way than ever before.

What is my power?

What am I able to create?

You may have previously had feelings of disconnect, uncertainty and doubt about your own power of creation - we aren't talking about making wine out of water (although I am sure you could do that if you really wanted to) what we ARE talking about is really getting involved; actively participating and contributing to what it is you want to be in this lifetime, what you want to see, feel, love, dance with, notice and become.

This is your Soul's journey - this entire experience is here for you to embrace and enjoy. Nothing more and nothing less. All too often we become caught in our 'shoulds' and sit back and allow ourselves to be a  passenger of our lives - waiting for the perfect opportunity, or for things to be 'just right' ... instead of what we could be doing by taking the wheel and driving to our desired destination.

Spirit is really your map in this scenario - your way to connect to your own inner knowing. 

Your own inner knowing of the fact that there is no right way - there is only your way.

Your inner knowing of accepting the personal responsibility for all that you are and all that you can be.

Your inner knowing that when you give to yourself, when you sustain yourself - you are also giving back to the greater good.

When you are here, now, in this ever present moment, you are closest to Spirit. You allow more in. You notice more of what is happening within you. You feel more connected, peace, at one. You are able to receive your directions to get to where you want to be.

Through the natural cycles of Nature we can connect purely to the present moment - Nature doesn't keep time, Mother Earth doesn't adhere to someone's schedule - the cycles to one thing here are congruent to what is happening around it, the animals know Winter is coming, not because it is the first of a certain month, but because of the changes they notice around them and within them, their instincts and connection to what is happening 'now'.

So, this month, we harness this aspect of our Spirit selves, to take time to notice 'now' moments as often as possible. To give ourselves glimpses of the simple beauty that Nature offers us. To revel in the Magick of the sky and it's endless possibilities.

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