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The Goddess Within

8 in depth modules


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The Divine Goddess is within you and it is completely within your power to tune into her, to remember her and to embody her. She offers you a sanctuary within which to reclaim all of your Truth by removing the labels, stories and programs that you have collected and attached to as an identity. 

You were never meant to fit in in this way. You were always meant to stand out and be a beautiful expression of authenticity and Divine presence.

The Goddess within is an online program consisting of 8 modules - this is a self-paced program which allows you to move through the concepts and ideas for balancing your Goddess archtypes and integrate these into your Soul's journey as you feel guided and ready.



  • 8 Comprehensive teachings, with audio and video content, questions, prompts, contemplations and practical exercises

  • 7 Beautifully written LETTERS channelled from the Divine Goddess Archetypes

  • 3 Guided Heart Coherence MEDITATIONS

  • Sself-regression HYPNOSIS to Awaken the Goddess

  • 7 Goddess recorded RITUAL CEREMONIES to embody your Feminine essence

  • 4 Divine Nature IMMERSIONS

  • ‘Lunar Love’ WORKBOOK connecting you to the Feminine Moon

  • BONUS 30 day access to our Soul Connection Community

Our program also includes full support from our Embody Nadora facilitators and you will have exclusive access to an online group and forum for asking questions and requesting assistance at any time.

Payment plans are available - $99 upfront and 6 x weekly payments of $45. If you would like to take up this payment plan, please email and we can arrange this for you. 


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