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Ready For Change

7 steps

Mind | Aware | Release


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Change is growth, we can notice the similarities between these transitional seasons of Earth and our own inner urges to clear out, let go, move on and evolve.

We hear about these situations everyday – people recognising their pain, their "stuckness", their confusions and frustrations and some hidden force urging them to try something else, or to move forward in a new direction within one or many areas of their life. If you are one of these people that aren’t acting in your own best interests and are still spinning your wheels in the same repetitive cycle of knowing that you want change, but still not changing – it can only be due to 1 or all of these 4 reasons;

1 – you have no clarity of what you really want and why.

2 – you have some deeply recessed patterns of belief, emotion or behaviour that are counter intuitive to 

what it is you say you want.  

3 – you are feeling removed or disconnected from the Truth of the Universe – being that you are fully seen, supported, and loved.

4 – you do not embody trust.

Each of these reasons is essentially a part of the one singular reason – and that is a disconnect between your mind, your heart and your spirit here within your physical body.

To create deep, lasting change you have to bring these aspects back into balance and into alignment with who you truly are which means releasing any old patterns of belief, emotion and behaviour that are holding you in your stuckness and weighing you down in whatever present cycle you are in because until you can see through the barriers or cut yourself free from past tethers, you are just too energetically heavy or dense to move forward.

There has to be an ending or a shedding of the old in order to immerge anew. You can see this in the cycle of the butterfly – he can’t fly with the same chubby, dense body that he had as a caterpillar.

This 7 day course takes you through this process of recognising what you are ready to release. ready to change, so that you may prepare yourself for what you want and begin to set yourself up for making change a positive and uplifting experience.


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