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Heart Connection

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Heart | Safe | Aligned


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The heart is the bridge between the mind and the body.  Anchor yourself here and whenever you feel the shakes and wobbles of what happens around you, you know where your truth lies.

When we feel disharmony in our lives on any level, we are in a state of incoherence.

It might feel like nothing is going right, things aren't moving forward, communication is unclear, relationships feel tense... it can be a lot of background noise, but really the static is coming out from within.

So how can we anchor in the heart to bring us into coherence?

1. You must know your values. What is truly important to you - health, family, money, love etc - create a list of your top 5 and drill into them a little deeper - what about health is important to you - exercising every day, eating plant based, limiting alcohol etc. Once you know your values, assess if you are living aligned with them. If not, why? Perhaps something needs to change, or that value isn't as important as you thought it was... use this exercise to discover the misalignment and create a plan of a new way forward.

2. Know your potential. This might feel hard if you're in burnout and feeling low, but visualising your highest self and life and staying strong with that vision is the best way for you to chase those dreams and turn them into reality. This is the essence of manifestation. Get clear on what you want and who you want to be, and go for it!

3. Connect with the greater cycles of life. Everything in life is cyclic, the seasons, the weather, the planets, nature, our hormones... all of these natural forces move in patterns and cycles and when we connect with them to understand them deeper we can harness this energy to connect deeper with what is going on inside of us. Everything on the outside is a reflection of what is going on inside of us - deep pain and shadowy aspects of emotions we perhaps don't quite understand - so spend more time outside, connect with the elements, look up at the stars, let the sun touch your skin, link your personal cycle with the moon and start to see the bigger picture - that everything is connected.

Remember, you are a beautiful gift. Nothing is outside of you, all you need to do is come home to your heart.

Take this mini peaceful and empowering 7 day journeyto tune in and connect deeper with your heart space. 


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